dT Sky Wire operates with an entirely different technology as well as communications network and is completely unrelated to Broadband connections that use Copper lines or Fibre.  dT Sky Wire is therefore a service that does notoverwrite” an ADSL subscription and if the ADSL service is no longer desired, this must be cancelled.
It is crucial to check if your ADSL subscription with Direct Telecom is still within the contractual permanency period as it would be necessary to pay the “early cancellation fee”.  Please remember that this cancellation fee is imposed on us by the ADSL network operators.
If however your ADSL permanency period has expired, then we will be able to cancel the ADSL subscription at no extra cost and get you set up with dT Sky Wire.

In any event, the ADSL subscription would only be cancelled once the dT Sky Wire is up and running at your property so you are not left without an Internet connection.