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In this section, we want to provide you with all the information & resources you could possibly need. Our Knowledge base will provide detailed information on all kinds of topics in a more resourceful manner than a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) list.
We have also enabled a Feedback system that is there for you to submit ideas you would love us to work on, or suggestions to improve our service. You will also be able to have a look though ideas that have been proposed by Direct Telecom as well as our Customers and vote for the ones you agree with the most.
Tomorrow we want to be better than we were today and only your input can help us achieve that!

Multilingual Dedicated Support & Customer Service

The team at Direct Telecom is comprised of educated, multilingual, and multinational professionals who are experienced in the areas in which they operate. Every team member at dT brings years of experience to the role that they play to guarantee the level of service and support that exceeds expectations.

Painless registration with a rewarding sensation

Our Customer Service team will look after the complete registration process from start to finish and keep you apprised of the progress. We want you to have no doubts that contracting our services was the smartest choice you made.

Top class support

Our highly skilled support team will be by your side every step of the way, providing guidance for the setup and of course fast response to any kind of incidences that may occur.

Customer Feedback makes us better!

Only our customers can tell us what we can do to offer a better service.  The feedback we receive from our customers has become the single most important resource so that the ideas and suggestions become projects and eventually a reality that will benefit our customers.