Need UNLIMITED WiFi without a landline TODAY?

For just €49,99/month (53,49€ IGIC / 60,49€ IVA)

4G Home Broadband – Perfect for Unlimited Internet without constraints.

We have designed an Internet package especially suited for unlimited* usage without the constraints of a landline.  This 4G service is also community friendly as there are no external antennas, dishes or cables, just a router! PLUS you can Hibernate the connection whenever you don’t need it!

The Direct Telecom 4G Internet package has been purpose built to make the solution as easy & affordable as possible so that you can enjoy and Internet Connection without the need of installing or maintaining phone lines, ADSL nor Fibre.  The provided Router has internal antennas to obtain the best possible signal in the area and you just need to connect it to a power supply and you are Online.  This makes it very easy for you to manage Internet connections in multiple properties as you can take it with you and simply connect it in whichever property you wish to connect to the Internet.

Features and Highlights

  • No need for a Landline, ADSL or Fibre
  • Unlimited Bandwidth Usage!*
  • FREE Access to Live UKTV with dT Media TV
  • No waiting! You can be online within the same day.
  • High speed 4G connection depending on area coverage
  • Hibernate whenever you don’t need it!
  • Offers WiFi connectivity for Guest devices
  • Easily “suspend” connection whenever you don’t need it.

Easy Setup

  • Just connect the Router to the power supply and you’re ONLINE!
  • Fully preconfigured with your settings – Plug & Play
  • Multilingual Technical Support
  • If you are stuck, we will talk you through it step by step!

Best performance 100Mbps Wireless 4G LTE Router

We have consciously chosen to provide our customers with industry leading equipment which allows us to improve the performance of the 4G Broadband connection. The internal antennas allow you to enjoy stable wireless connections and excellent wireless coverage in a tidy package.

  • Share your 4G LTE network with multiple Wi-Fi devices and enjoy high download speeds.
  • Wireless N speeds of up to 100 Mbps for Internal WiFi connectivity.
  • Internal antennas provide stable wireless connections.
  • Requires no configuration or SIM card – pre-configured with dT Cloud SIM, just turn it on to enjoy high speed internet access
  • 3 LAN and 1 LAN/WAN ports provide options and flexibility, allowing you to choose your connection type

Unlimited broadband* without the limitations of a fixed line or WIMAX antenna. NOTE: Router model may very from image shown.

What else do I need to know?


There will be a €60,00 deposit for the router which would be refunded in full upon return of the router, accessories and packaging in a well maintained condition on termination of the rental.

Check the coverage Map!

To get an idea of how good the 4G LTE coverage is in your area, check out the links below to get a rough idea.


Coverage Map 1 – Spain Nationwide

Coverage Map 2 – Spain Nationwide

Can I hibernate?

Yes, if you are away you can hibernate the connection whenever you don’t need it at a cost of €15,00 per month (16,05€ IGIC /18,15€ IVA)

Just e-mail us 48 hours (not including weekends/bank holidays) before the end of any given month and we will hibernate the connection until you are returning when we would need 48 hours notice to reconnect on any day, again by e-mail.

The connection can only be hibernated at the end of any given month but can be reactivated on any day!

*UNLIMITED Bandwidth subject to Fair Usage Policy – Please check Terms & Conditions for details.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is dT 4G Home Broadband?

This is a service designed to offer the customer an alternative high speed unlimited Internet technology for general daily use/activity to suit the customer’s online requirements without the need for a physical landline connection or antenna/dish.

What is 4G technology?

4G is the fourth generation of broadband cellular network technology, succeeding 3G.  The International Telecommunication Union (ITU-R) specified a set of requirements for 4G standards, named the International Mobile Telecommunications Advanced (IMT-Advanced) specification, setting peak speed requirements for 4G service at 100 megabits per second (Mbit/s) = 12.5 megabytes per second), where coverage is possible and meets all specific 4G technological requirements.

How does the dT 4G Home Broadband service work?

The service receives the signal using Mobile technology, the same way in which we receive our 4G data on mobiles, the service then transmits the data from the router to the devices you have connected and wish to use.

What equipment do I need for the dT 4G Home Broadband service?

All you need is the approved 4G Indoor Data Router that Direct Telecom provides.

What are the set up costs for dT 4G Home Broadband?

The setup is FREE although we do collect a deposit of 60€ for the router.

If at anytime you were to discontinue the service, the 60€ deposit would be refunded, providing the router is returned in good condition.

How long does it take to activate dT 4G Home Broadband?

Activation is very quick, if during working hours as soon as we have all of the documentation necessary, the deposit has been paid and you have the router we can apply for activation which can happen in minutes but certainly no more than a couple of hours.

Can I hibernate the dT 4G Home Broadband Service?

Yes.  Hibernation is available for a maximum of 6 months per year and do not count towards the 12 full months required to fulfill the contract (6 calendar months maximum over the 18 month contract).  Hibernation can be activated after at least the first two full paid months following activation of the service.

What is the Hibernation/Reactivation process for dT 4G Home Broadband?

Hibernation or reactivation can only be done at the end of any calendar month.  In order to hibernate or reactivate your connection you need to notify Direct Telecom in writing ( at least 2 weeks prior to the end of the calendar month prior to your hibernation/reactivation date.

What speed is the dT 4G Home Broadband Service?

Speeds can vary based on the location, technology possibilities and limits.  It is also affected by the number of devices connected/being used simultaneously and the usage of these devices.  Speeds can on average reach up to 70/30Mbit but can be higher or lower.

Do I need a SIM card for the dT 4G Home Broadband Service?

No.  You do not require a SIM card as this service is provided using virtual SIM technology.

How can I check the coverage for dT 4G Home Broadband?

We are delighted to be able to offer great coverage options due to agreements made with the 3 major Telecom operators in Spain.  We will configure you to the best network possible and can reconfigure remotely to an alternative network should you have issues with the coverage.

To get an idea of how good the 4G LTE coverage is in your area, check out the links below to get a rough impression.

Coverage Map 1 – Spain Nationwide

Coverage Map 2 – Spain Nationwide

Can I use the dT 4G Home Broadband Service abroad?

No.  The service is only available whilst you are within the Spanish National Territory.

Is the dT 4G Home Broadband Service Unlimited?

Yes! It is unlimited, however it is also governed by a regulated “Fair Usage Policy” under the CNMC Spanish Telecommunications Regulators.  The “Fair Usage Policy” is based on what the average household user should not be exceeding if using the service appropriately.  Statistics state that the average is between 250GB and 300GB per month.

Direct Telecom reserves the right to suspend the service if the “Fair Usage Policy” is being consistently exceeded month by month and therefore being abused.  If after being notified, the service abuse continues, Direct Telecom reserves the right to terminate the service and pass any cost incurred in relation to the cancellation on to the customer.

How long is the contract for dT 4G Home Broadband?

The contract is 1 full year (12 months from activation) or if the hibernation option is selected 18 months (hibernated months do not count towards the paid contract months).

What if the coverage for dT 4G Home Broadband is weak in my area?

We have an agreement in place with each of the 3 major Telecom Operators in Spain and can remotely switch between them if necessary.  It would be extremely rare to have no coverage with any of the 3 networks we use and would obviously do a coverage check for you before the contract is made.

Can I watch IPTV using dT 4G Home Broadband?

Yes, as long as the speed available is high enough to support streaming.  As a dT 4G Home Broadband customer, you will be given FREE access to dT Media TV to enjoy UKTV.
You will of course also be able to enjoy other Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBO if you have subscribed to any of these services and your speed supports their services.

Once you are connected with dT 4G Home Broadband, you will be able to use your computer, smartphone or tablets to use the IPTV service of your choice.

The best way to enjoy dT Media TV however is with a Dune HD Set Top Box which you can connect with a Network cable to the provided Router and you can then connect to your TV using the HDMI cable.

Is a phone line included with the dT 4G Home Broadband Service?

No.  Unfortunately the router does not have a phone jack so it is not possible to provide any telephone services using the dT Home Broadband.

What do I do if my dT 4G Home Broadband router stops working?

In the unlikely event of the router not working, please try unplugging the router, leaving it for a few minutes and then reconnecting it.  This will solve a surprisingly high number of errors but if this does not work please contact Direct Telecom on 922 711 003 or so that we can run some tests.  If it is determined that the router has failed due to a fault within the router then it will be replaced, however if it is due to customer negligence, such as breakage, power surges, using the incorrect power supply, etc the customer will have to pay for a replacement.

Where should I place the dT 4G Home Broadband Router?

It is extremely important to understand that 4G technology is transmitted via mobile air waves and therefore like WIFI signals, certain factors such as metal, concrete walls, ceilings, other wifi/waves transmitted could affect the signal.

We recommend that the router be situated at a medium level of height within a good sized area and close to a window if possible for the best results.

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