dT Media TV – The best TV experience!

Direct Telecom Internet customers gain FREE access to the dT Media TV platform to enjoy Live TV & Radio channels.  It is also possible to enjoy the dT Media TV service even if you do not have your Internet connection with us.  See package descriptions below!

dT Media TV – Live TV & Radio

FREE for dT Internet customers or 14,99€/month for external users (IGIC 16,04€ / IVA 18,14€)

dT Media TV & MORE (dT Media MORE)

Only 9,99€/month for dT Internet customers or 19,99€/month for external users.
(9,99€ with IGIC 10,69€ / IVA 12,09€.  19,99€ with IGIC 21,39€ / IVA 24,19€)

Over 400 in English, 250 in Spanish,
120 in Italian, 100 in German, 90 in
Russian, 60 in Dutch, 60 in French,
400 in Chinese, 100 in Hindi and much more!

What is the Dynamic TV Channels feature?

The Dynamic TV Channels (BETA) feature has been added to the dT Media TV platform and will automatically search the Internet for public International & Regional FTV/FTA channels from many countries & languages around the World with an automated script.  On average, over 2000 channels are detected and listed for you to enjoy.  The list is automatically updated twice a day and you must use a PIN code to access the content of this feature for the reasons outlined in the Terms & Conditions.  The Dynamic TV Channels feature will be available only to customers with the dT Media MORE plan activated.  If you already have dT Media MORE, make sure you now simply complete the form to get access to your PIN code!

Dune HD Set Top BOX to enjoy dT Media on your TV!

This Dune HD Set Top Box is the only one supported by Direct Telecom to enjoy dT Media TV.  It is a compact yet extremely powerful media player which will provide you with the most straight forward experience.

-Pre-configured with dT Media TV App inside.
-It is a next generation 4K media player with 4Kp60 for your media files.
-Includes a compact IR remote control
-Has 2x USB hosts to connect external HDD drives or Pen Drives with your content.
-Connect to your Broadband Internet connection via LAN cable (highly recommended) or Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
-HDMI 2.0a output to connect to your TV.
-Runs Android OS
-For full specifications click here

NOTE: This is an optional extra and is the recommended player to enjoy dT Media TV.

Dune HD STB for dT Media TV: 149,95€ (IGIC 160,45€ / IVA 181,44€)


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