The Dynamic TV Channels (BETA) feature has been added to the dT Media TV platform and will automatically search the Internet for public International & Regional FTV/FTA channels from many countries & languages from around the World with an automated script.  On average, over 2000 channels are detected and listed for you to enjoy.  The list is automatically updated twice a day and you must use a PIN code to access the content of this feature for the reasons outlined in the Terms & Conditions.  As from 01/03/2020, the DTC Channels will be available only to customers with the dT Media MORE plan activated.

If you are using the Dune HD box, please remember that you must also upgrade the Firmware to the latest version in order to be able to use this feature.

Once you have completed this form and accepted the Terms & Conditions of this service, it could take between 24 to 48 hours (not including weekends) for us to “enable” the PIN code on your account.  We will contact you to inform you of your PIN code the moment it is active.

Form to obtain your PIN code / Formulario para obtener su código PIN