Up to 600Mb Fibre Optics
Now available throughout Spain!

Fibre Optics in Spain


Up to 100Mbit High Speed dT Fibre connection
Up to 10MBit Upload Speed
UNLIMITED Bandwidth usage
FREE Access to dT Media TV for UKTV.
WiFi Router included.
Rental of Line is included!
120 mins/month to EU landlines.

Setup Fee & Installation LAUNCH Price 99€ (instead of 199€).

Price per month
only 54.99€

Prices including IGIC/IVA are IGIC €56.64/month or IVA €66.54/month for dT Fibre 100/10.  Setup FEE is IGIC €105.93/ IVA €119.79.  There is a 12 month contract.

Fibre Optics in Spain


Up to 600Mbit High Speed dT Fibre connection
Up to 60Mbit Upload Speed
UNLIMITED Bandwidth usage
FREE Access to dT Media TV for UKTV.
WiFi Router included.
Rental of Line is included!
120 mins/month to EU landlines.

Setup Fee & Installation LAUNCH Price 99€ (instead of 199€).

Price per month
only 64.99€

Prices including IGIC are €66.94/month and IVA €78.64 for dT Fibre 600/60.  Setup FEE is IGIC €105.93/ IVA €119.79. There is a 12 month contract.

Fibre Optics in Spain


Up to 600Mbit High Speed dT Fibre connection
Up to 600Mbit Upload Speed
UNLIMITED Bandwidth usage
FREE Access to dT Media TV for UKTV.
WiFi router included.
Rental of Line is included!
120 mins/month to EU landlines.

Setup Fee & Installation LAUNCH Price 99€ (instead of 199€).

Price per month
only 69.99€

Prices including IGIC are €72.10/month and IVA €84.69 for dT Fibre 600/600.  Setup FEE is IGIC €105.93/ IVA €119.79. There is a 12 month contract.

Fast, Reliable & Unlimited Broadband

streaming iptv uktv spain

Full Throttle with Fibre Optics

As Direct Telecom now has access to the entire National Fibre Optics Network grid, we are able to provide dT Fibre coverage wherever the National Operator can too!  dT Fibre brings you Optical Fibre delivering the ultimate performance in speed.  Our FTTH (Fiber to the Home) service will get your home connected with speeds that can range from 100Mbit to 600Mbit throughout Spain.  While engineers continue to deploy the Fibre Network throughout the country at an extraordinarily fast pace, we are ready to set you up if FTTH is already available in your area!  Enjoy the high performance & speed of Optical Fibre for your dT Media TV, Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and so much more.

How much Speed do you really need?

According to many studies, users looking to use email, browse the Internet, use social media and even enjoy HD Streaming services such as dT Media TV or Netflix, 10Mbit/s is more than sufficient.  Although the Speed & performance delivered by dT ADSL or dT SkyWire is enough for most, some simply want or even need the extra speed that only dT Fibre can deliver.

-100/10 – 600/60 or 600/600 Mbit/s High Speed Broadband over Optical Fibre
-Secure WiFi Router included
-Access to dT Media TV Included
-120 mins/month to EU landlines.

dT Fibre Installation & Setup: 99€ (IGIC €105.93/ IVA €119.79)

(*Router model may vary from picture)
Engineers will fit the dT Fibre Wireless Router in your home.
A new local telephone number will be provided with your dT Fibre installation. If you wish however, you can maintain your current telephone number by doing a “portability” of your current number and we will make sure it is associated to your new dT Fibre connection.

Full performance of Fibre.

Fibre Optics by Direct Telecom

Coverage Map – Spain

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*The dT Fibre Optics service is available nationwide.  If the National Operator can provide FTTH in your property then dT Fibre is also available.

Optional Extras

Dune HD Set Top Box   149.95€
 Fixed IP Address   19,99€/month

Prices including IGIC/IVA: Dune HD €160.45/€181.49, Fixed IP Address (monthly): €20.59 / €24.19
*120mins include calls to Landlines in: Spain, UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Cyprus, France, Greece, Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal & Sweden.  Check Call rates for other destinations.  You can get a new local number to make & receive calls or we can process the portability of your current number.  Portability of your current Phone Number has an administration fee of 15€ (IGIC 16,05€/IVA €18.15).

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is dT Fibre?

dT Fibre is a Fibre Optics connection that delivers High Speed Internet connectivity to your property.  Typically, your copper line is removed and replaced with Fibre Optics.

How do I know if I can get up to 100MB or 600MB at my property?

As long as you are able to get dT Fibre installed, you should be able to choose if you wish to have 100/10, 600/60 or 600/600 speed.
It is important to remember however that you can ONLY upgrade BUT you can NOT downgrade after installing dT Fibre.

We would advise to to start with a 100MB/10MB.  If you really need more at a later stage, we can always submit a request for an upgrade.

I am already a Direct Telecom ADSL/SkyWire customer, how can I switch to dT Fibre?

dT Fibre operates with an entirely different technology as well as communications network and is completely unrelated to Broadband connections that use Copper lines or wireless technologies.  dT Fibre is therefore a service that does not “overwrite” an ADSL subscription and if the ADSL service is no longer desired, this must be canceled.
It is crucial to check if your ADSL/SkyWire subscription with Direct Telecom is still within the contractual permanency period as it would be necessary to pay the “early cancelation fee”.  Please remember that this cancelation fee is imposed on us by the ADSL/SkyWire network operators.
If however your ADSL/SkyWire permanency period has expired, then we will be able to cancel the subscription at no extra cost and get you set up with dT Fibre.

In any event, the ADSL/SkyWire subscription would only be canceled once the dT Fibre is up and running at your property so you are not left without an Internet connection.  If a portability of your telephone number must be done from ADSL/SkyWire to dT Fibre, then it is possible that the connection may be affected for a few days.

What does the Engineer install in my property?

The engineer will install specialised equipment which primarily consists of 2 components.

  1. The Fibre Optics cable which must connect your property to the local exchange.
  2. The dT Fibre Wireless Router

It is likely that the Engineer will need access to the “communications room” of your complex if your property is in a complex.  Please make sure that you have keys or access to this by the time the Engineer arrives for the appointment to facilitate the installation and avoid delays.

Can I watch IPTV with dT Fibre?

Yes.  In fact, as a dT Fibre customer, you will be given FREE access to dT Media TV to enjoy UKTV.
You will of course also be able to enjoy other Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBO.

Once you are connected with dT Fibre, you will be able to use your computer, smartphone or tablets to use the IPTV service of your choice.
The best way to enjoy dT Media TV however is with a Dune HD Set Top Box which you can connect with a Network cable to the provided Router and you can then connect to your TV using the HDMI cable.

Can I Hibernate the dT Fibre connection?

It is currently NOT possible to Hibernate the dT Fibre connection.  Although we are working on this to see if we can make this work in the future, the dT Fibre will have a ongoing monthly cost to keep the connection active.

If it is important for you to be able to have a High Speed Internet connection that you can “Hibernate” and pay less while you are out of Spain, then please see www.skywire.es

Why choose dT Fibre (FTTH) over dT SkyWire?

For most users, an Internet connection of about 10Mbit is more than enough.  Having said that, the performance of a Fibre Optics connection is the evolution that everyone has been looking forward to, bringing unprecedented Internet speed to the home.  dT Fibre is for you if you use a lot of devices or bandwidth intensive services.

If you are in a location that is unlikely to get Fibre access in the short term future, then dT SkyWire is probably a better option for you.

Can I still use my Fritz Box with dT Fibre?

For many dT Customers who already have a Fritz Box from Direct Telecom and all their devices already connected to the Fritz Box etc, it is obviously a pain to change all the WiFi passwords so that they would connect to the new dT Fibre router.  So, it is possible to continue enjoying the Fritz Box by connecting a LAN cable from the dT Fibre Router to the LAN1 port of the Fritz Box.  Our Technical Support team will be able to talk you through the next steps so that your Fritz Box is “online” at maximum speed and all your device connection settings can stay intact.

The ADSL Fritz Box will not be able to function as a Fibre ONT/Modem, but will be able to connect to the dT Fibre Router and manage all the connections with the devices as it was before.

Will my Telephone handset still work with dT Fibre?

The dT Fibre Router will provide a RJ11 port on the back of the Router.  It is possible to connect your Telephone handset to this port and you will be able to make & receive calls as usual.

As the Copper wire (PTR) box us usually disabled &/or removed, this means that the copper wire will cease to work from your property to the local exchange.  However, the “internal” copper circuits should still work.  This means that if you use a traditional telephone cable and connect it from the RJ11 port of the new dT Fibre Router and connect it to one of your “copper” Telefonica sockets on the wall, then this should bring the copper circuit in your property back to life and at the same time any other Telephone handsets should work as usual too.

Will my Fax Machine still work with dT Fibre?

This depends on the type of Fax Machine that you have.

If your FAX machine uses TONES as a signalling method, then it will be compatible.
If your FAX machine uses PULSES as a signalling method, then it will NOT be compatible (these are usually the older versions).

Depending on the make & model of your Fax machine, it is sometimes possible to enter the menu and select if you wish to use TONES or PULSES.  Please check your user manual.

 Ask a question!
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