Up to 10Mb/20Mb High Speed Internet
No Land Line required  – connected within 5 days!



Up to 15Mbit High Speed dT SkyWire connection
UNLIMITED Bandwidth usage
FREE Access to Live dT Media TV for UKTV.
14 day Catchup available as optional extra!
No physical landline required
Connected within 5 working days

Setup Fee & Installation LAUNCH Price 99,50€ (instead of 199€) including 15 meters of cabling.

Price per month
only 29.99€

Hibernation fee of just 15€/month while you are away!

Prices including IGIC/IVA are IGIC €32,09/month or IVA €36,29/month for dT Sky Wire while connected and IGIC €16,05/ IVA €18,15 during Hibernation Months.  Setup FEE is IGIC €106,47/ IVA €120,40.  There is a 18 month contract towards which the “hibernation” months do not count.  Hibernation can be enabled only after the first 2 full paid months and MUST be requested in writing at least 2 weeks before the end of the month. dT Media 14 Day Catchup package price €9,99/month (IGIC €10,69 / IVA €12,10)



Up to 25Mbit High Speed dT SkyWire connection
UNLIMITED Bandwidth usage
FREE Access to Live dT Media TV for UKTV.
14 day Catchup available as optional extra!
No physical landline required
Connected within 5 working days

Setup Fee & Installation LAUNCH Price 99,50€ (instead of 199€) including 15 meters of cabling.

Price per month
only 39.99€

Hibernation fee of just 15€/month while you are away!

Prices including IGIC are €42,79/month and IVA €48,39 for dT Sky Wire while connected and IGIC €16,05/ IVA €18,15 during Hibernation Months.  Setup FEE is IGIC €106,47/ IVA €120,40. There is a 18 month contract towards which the “hibernation” months do not count.  Hibernation can be enabled only after the first 2 full paid months and MUST be requested in writing at least 2 weeks before the end of the month. dT Media 14 Day Catchup package price €9,99/month (IGIC €10,69 / IVA €12,10)

Fast, Reliable & Unlimited Broadband

Licensed Frequency

dT Sky Wire is unique. Our service differentiation is made by not only using top quality backbone equipment, but by being one of the only providers in the Canary Islands, Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol that is actually using a Licensed Backbone Frequency.  This makes a massive difference in speed, quality and performance while dozens of other providers are fighting the Free (unlicenced) Frequencies that are completely saturated and eventually deliver poor results and a bad reputation to the technology.  Direct Telecom will not charge or even install the dT Sky Wire system in your property unless we are 100% certain that you will get what you need!


High Speed Broadband, without the cabling.


Perfect for Swallows!

Hibernate your connection and bring costs down to a minimum while you are away!

Just 15€/month (16,05€ IGIC / €18.15 IVA)

How much Speed do you really need?

According to many studies, users looking to use email, browse the Internet, use social media and even enjoy HD Streaming services such as dT Media TV or Netflix, 10Mbit/s is more than sufficient.  This is why our dT SkyWire packages have specifically been engineered to deliver top throughput performance.  Although dT SkyWire 10 is more than enough for most, we will make the dT SkyWire 20 package available for heavy users who are also in the coverage area.

-Setup within 5 working days max!
-No landline required!
-15 or 25Mbit/s High Speed Broadband
-Secure WiFi Router included with 4 LAN ports
-Preconfigured for dT Media TV – Dune HD Set Top Box – preferential bandwidth
-dT SkyWire + 15 meters of cabling & equipment rental included.

dT SkyWire Installation & Setup: 99,50€ (IGIC €106,47/ IVA €120,40)
Choose either 15 or 25 Mbit/s monthly fee.


(*Router model may vary from picture)Engineers will fit the dT SkyWire Wireless Router in your home which also supports VoIP.
If you wish, you can also contract a Voice Line with a local Spanish number which will allow you to make Low Cost Calls as well as receive calls as though you had a physical land line – all without the land line! (You can also migrate your current number to us!)

Click on the “Sign up” Button  below to process your application!

As it is crucial to have “direct line of sight” from your location to our Base Station, we recommend you contact us with your address so we can use our software to confirm the coverage for your precise location.

Optional Extras

Dune HD Set Top Box   149.99€
Additional 10 meters cabling for installation   20€

Prices including IGIC/IVA: Dune HD €160.49/€181.49 – Extra 10m of Cable €21.40/€24.20

The dT SkyWire Backbone Network currently covers a large part of the South of Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as well as most of Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca.  Our Network transmission sites are located in key strategic locations to try and provide dT SkyWire coverage to as many customers as possible and more sites are being developed constantly to provide even more coverage.  In order for an installation to be successful, it is imperative that there is a “direct line of sight” from your home to the nearest site.

dT Sky Wire Coverage/Location

Costa del Sol
Costa Blanca
Tenerife - Playa de las Americas
Tenerife - Costa Adeje
Tenerife - Los Cristianos
Tenerife - Costa del Silencio - Las Galletas - Coromoto - Las Rosas - El Fraile
Tenerife - Las Chafiras
Tenerife - San Miguel - Valle San Lorenzo - Cabo Blanco - Buzanada
Tenerife - Golf del Sur - Amarilla Golf
Tenerife - Los Abrigos
Tenerife - San Isidro - El Médano
Tenerife - Callao Salvaje - Playa Paraíso
Tenerife - Playa San Juan - Abama Golf - Piedra Hincada
Tenerife - Alcalá
Tenerife - Puerto Santiago - Playa de la Arena - Los Gigantes
Tenerife - Roque del Conde - Torviscas ALTO -
Tenerife - Guargacho - Parque de la Reina - Guaza
Tenerife - Granadilla de Abona - Charco del Pino - Los Llanos - Yaco - El Salto

Check to see if your Location Qualifies for dT Sky Wire with this form.

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    dT SkyWire is a registered trademark of Direct Telecom Spain 2017. Ubiquiti, Ubiquiti Networks, the U logo, UBNT, airMAX, airFiber, mFi, EdgeMAX, UniFi, AmpliFi and UFiber are registered trademarks or trademarks of Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

     Frequently Asked Questions

    What do I need to qualify for dT Sky Wire?

    You must own or rent a property that is within the coverage range of our Sky Wire base stations.  You must be over 18 and will need a credit/debit card for the setup fee and bank account or credit/debit card for recurring payments as well as valid ID to contract the service.

    Why choose dT Sky Wire over ADSL?

    ADSL Broadband technology operates over the physical copper land line cable.  The copper wire is gradually being “phased out” and is certainly not being “maintained” any more by Movistar engineers as they want to eventually replace everything with Fiber.  The copper wire has in many cases also been “lying around” for over 30 years or so, which means it is constantly in need of maintenance due to the effects of humidity, wear and tear and is often snapped by road maintenance works or even accidental household gardening.  The optimal length for a “decent” ADSL connection for a copper wire is also limited to just 4km from the local exchange.  Over the years, we have seen many Direct Telecom customers with ADSL connections on copper wires that are much longer than this and are therefore not able to enjoy the full capacity of the connection.

    dT Sky Wire solves many of these problems:

    1. No need to wait around for Fibre
    2. dT Sky Wire has a reach of 10Km from the Base Station
    3. No more need to worry about road works affecting any wires
    4. No more need to worry about humidity or deterioration of the copper wire
    Why choose dT Sky Wire over Fibre (FTTH)

    A Fibre Optics Broadband connection is for most unquestionably the best connection one could dream of, and this is also why Direct Telecom launched its Fibre service early in 2018, BUT this doesn’t mean it is the “best” solution for everyone.  While Fibre promises to provide speeds ranging from anywhere between 20MB to 300MB connections, it is common knowledge that the “average” user needs no more than 10MB of speed if the intention is to use the Internet connection to browse, send mails, use social media and even enjoy streaming services like dT Media TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBO etc.  In fact, most customers with a 6MB ADSL connection can even enjoy HD Streaming so the “need for Fibre” is really a personal choice and not necessarily a “must” to enjoy the most popular services.  Although the deployment of Fibre is picking up its pace, there are thousands of properties that will have no coverage in the foreseeable future and there will be hundreds that will probably never be reached as they will be considered to be “too far out” to warrant heavy investments in digging up roads etc.

    dT Sky Wire offers all the Broadband you should need to enjoy all the services you want.

    1. Installed within 5 days, so no more waiting around
    2. Can reach locations that Fibre won’t reach in the foreseeable future
    3. You can Hibernate the connection while you are away so you will pay just 15€/month! (+tax)
    Can I watch IPTV with dT Sky Wire?

    Yes.  In fact, as a dT Sky Wire customer, you will be given FREE access to dT Media TV to enjoy UKTV.
    You will of course also be able to enjoy other Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBO.

    Once you are connected with dT Sky Wire, you will be able to use your computer, smartphone or tablets to use the IPTV service of your choice.
    The best way to enjoy dT Media TV however is with a Dune HD Set Top Box which you can connect with a Network cable to the provided Router and you can then connect to your TV using the HDMI cable.

    NOTE: Some IPTV Providers using MAG250 boxes deliver IPTV services that demand tremendous amounts of Bandwidth for them to work.  While dT Media TV for instance requires only 1Mb for the SD channels and about 2.5MB for the HD channels, it seems some of these alternative IPTV providers could demand speeds of over 6MB because they use “uncompressed” techniques.  Some customers have reported their service on the MAG250 to freeze constantly even over 10MB ADSL’s and it is almost impossible to use another device on the same network at the same time.

    Can I use a VPN with dT Sky Wire?

    Yes.  You will be able to use a VPN service with dT Sky Wire as we do not block any ports.
    If you are using the VPN to enjoy services available in other countries, then this will depend on the providers of the service.

    What does the dT Skywire Engineer install in my property?

    The engineer will install specialised equipment which primarily consists of 2 components.

    1. The dT Sky Wire Antenna
    2. The dT Sky Wire WiFi Router

    The Antenna installation is the most important part of the setup as this will determine the quality and performance of the connection.  In some properties, it will be very easy to achieve “direct line of sight” with one of our Base Stations.  In other properties it may be necessary to install the Antenna on the roof.  Once this is installed, the Antenna requires a single specialised and shielded network cable (15m provided & included) which will run from the Antenna to the provided Wireless Router inside your property.  The engineer will configure the Antenna as well as the Router and will not leave unless your connection is up & running.

    How does dT Skywire Hibernation work?

    We know thousands of our customers frequently spend months away from Spain, and many have always asked us to develop a system that would allow them to temporarily “suspend” their connection while they are away and consequently pay less.  We are happy to announce that this “hibernation” feature is available with dT Sky Wire.

    In order to “hibernate” your line, you must simply notify us in writing with notice of at least 2 weeks.  You must specify which calendar months you want the connection to be hibernated.  If anything changes or you are returning to Spain sooner, simply let us know so that we can activate your connection again.

    During Hibernation, you will pay only 15€/month (16,05€ IGIC/€18,15 IVA) which you can do for a maximum of 6 full calendar months during the first 18 month contract and therafter a maximum of 6 full calendar months per year.  While hibernated, it will not be possible to enjoy Internet or TV services.

    NOTE: Please make sure that the Hibernation Feature is possible in your area.

    I am already a Direct Telecom ADSL customer, how can I switch to dT Sky Wire?

    dT Sky Wire operates with an entirely different technology as well as communications network and is completely unrelated to Broadband connections that use Copper lines or Fibre.  dT Sky Wire is therefore a service that does notoverwrite” an ADSL subscription and if the ADSL service is no longer desired, this must be cancelled.
    It is crucial to check if your ADSL subscription with Direct Telecom is still within the contractual permanency period as it would be necessary to pay the “early cancellation fee”.  Please remember that this cancellation fee is imposed on us by the ADSL network operators.
    If however your ADSL permanency period has expired, then we will be able to cancel the ADSL subscription at no extra cost and get you set up with dT Sky Wire.

    In any event, the ADSL subscription would only be cancelled once the dT Sky Wire is up and running at your property so you are not left without an Internet connection.

    How do I know if I can get dT Skywire up to 10MB or 20MB at my property?

    The speed you can enjoy will depend on the distance from your location to our nearest Base Station.
    If you are within approximately 5Km from our Base Station then Up to 20Mb is achievable.
    If you are within approximately 10Km from our Base Station then Up to 10Mb is achievable.

    Having said that, we already have some customers who are connected at a distance just under 15km from the nearest Base Station and are enjoying almost 7Mb of speed.  These customers are in locations where there it is even impossible to get a telephone line so they are very happy.  This is why locations over 10Km away from a Base Station are usually not recommended, but if there is a clear line of sight, we are happy to try it and sometimes we shall be pleasantly surprised with the results.

    dT Sky Wire requires “direct line of sight” from the Base Station to the Antenna installed at your property.  So any mountains or buildings in the way will make it impossible to install dT Sky Wire until we install new Base Stations that allow you to get connected from another angle.
    As silly as it may sound, even trees and vegetation which are in the “connection trajectory” can completely disqualify the installation.

    Do I need to deal with Telefónica / Movistar for anything related to dT Skywire?

    No.  The beauty of dT Sky Wire is that it is the one of the few services that is completely unrelated to Telefónica / Movistar.
    The system is installed by our own Sky Wire engineers and it operates on the Sky Wire backbone.
    In the event of Technical Support, it is the staff at Direct Telecom who you will be dealing with and if there is a technical incidence with your installation, it will be our Sky Wire Engineers who will service the equipment, so no more sub-contracted Telefonica Engineers!

    The only reason you may have to deal with Telefónica / Movistar might be when cancelling any services you may have with them, but even here we are happy to help out with this 😉

    What happens if I move? Can I take Sky Wire with me?

    Absolutely.  As long as the location you are moving to is within the range of our Base Stations this is possible.
    There is a chance that the obtainable Broadband speed may change but this depends on the distance of your new location from our nearest Base Station.
    As Engineers will have to dismantle the equipment and install it again at your new location, a relocation fee may apply.

    What is dT Skywire?

    dT Sky Wire is a Broadband Internet Service offered by Direct Telecom which uses Radio Frequencies to deliver connectivity.  The Base Stations (Regional Towers) are powered by high capacity Broadband Backbones and Wirelessly connect to your property “over the air” by means of using specialised equipment.  As there is no need for a physical copper wire (Movistar Land Line) dT Sky Wire can therefore be installed very quickly and allows you to forget about any problems or issues that are usually related to the physical cables.

     Ask a question!
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    Our highly skilled support team will be by your side every step of the way, providing guidance for the setup and of course fast response to any kind of incidences that may occur.


    Only our customers can tell us what we can do to offer a better service.  The feedback we receive from our customers has become the single most important resource so that the ideas and suggestions become projects and eventually a reality that will benefit our customers.

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