Agent Programme



We are always on the lookout for collaborators interested in becoming Agents for Direct Telecom, but for us it only makes sense if your objective is the satisfaction of the client.
This collaboration is not designed for making a bunch of cash in the short term.   Our Agent Programme is specifically designed and intended for a long term collaboration in which we work together to seek out what is best for the client.  It is hard work to gain a single new client so if our products, services or pricing is not right for the client we prefer to be honest with the client instead of selling them something which will ultimately lead to disappointment and cancelation.

We work hard to provide top quality telecommunications services.  We do so by partnering with the top backbone providers in the country with nationwide network coverage, and we work with each one of them through specific provisioning and communications mechanisms.  This allows Direct Telecom to be the interface between the backbone carriers and our clients, where we will take ownership of what the client needs and we also take full ownership of any issues our clients may have.  As we have been doing this for over 20 years, we have extensive knowledge and experience to make sure things simply get done.  We want our clients to know and feel that the whole team at Direct Telecom is not only looking after them but also in the best hands to sort out any issues for them.  As we have thousands of clients distributed throughout the country and connected with each of the backbone carriers, we are in a very strong position to apply pressure on each one of them, which we will do without hesitation if this means that this will help us achieve client satisfaction.

What kind of Agents are we currently working with?

Up until now, we have forged strong working relationships with individuals & companies with all sorts of backgrounds such as Real Estate agencies, Computer repair shops, TV Satellite firms, Property Management firms, Self employed Translators and even a Book Shop!   All our collaborators are in daily contact with clients from different nationalities with whom they have built up a relationship of trust and rely on their experience for recommendations.  As always, recommending another firm is not easy as there is always an element of risk that it can damage your credibility should things go wrong.  This is why we work hard to make sure that our Agents can feel safe about recommending Direct Telecom to be their telecommunications provider.  Client satisfaction is the goal.

Who are we looking for?

If you are in a trade in which you are constantly in contact with clients who you believe would benefit from having their telecommunications services with Direct Telecom and your end goal is the satisfaction of your client, then we should talk.

What is in it for you?

We believe we have developed a reward system which will ensure a long term collaboration from which we will benefit, you will benefit and most importantly our clients.
Furthermore we want the collaboration to be reciprocal.  If clients ask us if we can recommend someone to help them in your line of trade, we will be delighted to send them your way!
If you feel there is something we can do together here, please do complete the contact form below so we can get in touch, get to know each other and hopefully go into more details 😉

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