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1000/1000MB with 95% Guarantee
Starting from €449,00/month

(480,43€ IGIC / 543,29€ IVA)

Dedicated Internet Circuit vs FTTH (Fibre To The Home) Broadband – what is the difference?

Whether the connection is shared or dedicated is often not considered when choosing a home internet service, yet it’s critical to the performance of your business applications. Many home users are satisfied with “best effort,” shared internet where performance is not likely to be impacted when multiple customers are trying to access the internet at the same time because home users tend to have a lower bandwidth usage than businesses.

Shared Internet access allows customers to get high speeds at a low price. In some cases for businesses, shared access can present performance problems with slowdowns during peak usage periods. Most businesses can’t afford slow internet or connectivity issues. Under-performing internet can lead to poor user experience, missed deadlines or have serious consecuences on the performance of the business.

This is where dedicated internet access comes in. With dedicated access, a set amount of bandwidth is available for your business, and is not shared with other customers. You are provided specific performance metrics that cover, for example, high availability and low latency.

A dedicated Fibre Circuit is exclusive to the customer and is not being shared with anyone else.  This is why it is possible to provide guarantees of over 95%.  The dedicated Fibre Circuit is another level, it is an entirely different product and can hardly be compared with the “Residential Fibre” products.

If you are not sure about what you need, feel free to reach out to us so we can work it out together!


Features and Highlights

  • 95% GUARANTEE on contracted Bandwidth.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth Usage.
  • Dedicated  Fibre Circuit for your Business (not shared).
  • Circuit also Includes Dedicated Access to the Internet.
  • Fixed IP Address included.
  • Symmetric Upload & Download speeds.

Business Class Service

  • Higher Quality of Service – QoS
  • Better Throughput – Truly Low Latency
  • SLA’s with faster problems resolution.
  • Multilingual Customer Care & Technical Support.

Mainland Spain, Baleares and Canary Islands.

The availability &/or the possibility to get a dedicated Fibre Optics circuit installed in Spain will largely depend on the address.  As can be expected, it will be easier to achieve in large towns or cities.  Let us know where you need it and we will let you know if it is possible, what Bandwidth options are available.

We work with all the main Backbone Providers such as Movistar, Vodafone & Orange.  Pricing & availability is subject to network coverage.  Some installations may require an installation fee.


Prices and conditions can differ substantially depending on location and sometimes we can get seasonal offers so do check with us!  These are approximate prices to give you an idea.

  • 1000/1000MB Dedicated Circuit with Internet (Orange Network) – 449€/month (IGIC 480,43€/IVA 543,29€)
  • 600/600MB Dedicated Circuit with Internet (Movistar/Vodafone Network) – 1100€/month (IGIC 1177€ / IVA 1331€)
  • 600/600MB Dedicated Circuit with Internet (Movistar/Vodafone Network) – 1100€/month (IGIC 1177€ / IVA 1331€)
  • 1GB/1GB Dedicated Circuit with Internet (Movistar Network) – 1860€/month (IGIC 1990,20€ / IVA 2250,60€)
  • 1GB/1GB Dedicated Circuit with Internet (Vodafone Network) – 2000€/month (IGIC 2140€ / IVA 2420€)
  • Contract duration 24/36 months.

If you think you don’t quite need a dedicated Fibre Circuit and require an “advanced user” class Fibre Optics solution, please see the dT Fibre PRO 1GB/1GB with Fixed IP for 89,99€ + tax which will appear as an option on our service application form.

What else do I need to know?

Multilingual Dedicated Support & Customer Service

The team at Direct Telecom is comprised of educated, multilingual, and multinational professionals who are experienced in the areas in which they operate. Every team member at dT brings years of experience to the role that they play to guarantee the level of service and support that exceeds expectations.

Painless registration

Our Customer Service team will look after the complete registration process from start to finish and keep you apprised of the progress. We want you to have no doubts that contracting our services was the smartest choice you made.

Top class support

Our highly skilled support team will be by your side every step of the way, providing guidance for the setup and of course fast response to any kind of incidences that may occur.

Customer Feedback makes us better!

Only our customers can tell us what we can do to offer a better service.  The feedback we receive from our customers has become the single most important resource so that the ideas and suggestions become projects and eventually a reality that will benefit our customers.

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