Superfast Fibre starting at just 33,99€/month!

Chat DDT – AI Assistant through WhatsApp

Introducing ChatDDT – Interact with the popular & powerful General Knowledge AI (Artificial Intelligence) Assistant ChatGPT by Open AI – directly from WhatsApp using text messages and even Audio messages!

Fibre Optics that you can Hibernate while away! up to 600MB with Line Rental, Calls & UK TV

dT All-In Packages

The NEW dT All-In Packages have everything fused into one convenient money saving deal.  Starting at just 38,99€/month you can get Superfast Fibre Optics Internet, Landline & FREE calls, Mobile service with FREE Calls & 4G Data and access to almost 50 dT Media TV Live channels! Options available from 100MB to 1GB Fibre speeds.

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Get a Superfast Fibre Optics service ranging from 300MB/300MB up to 1000MB/1000MB. Also the only Fibre Service in the industry that you can Hibernate up to 6 months/year and pay just half price!  dT 4G Home Broadband (unlimited) options available with up to 70Mb over the 4G LTE network.  Get connected from as little as 33.99 €/month with dT Fibre!

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dT Media TV is the best way to enjoy over 50 Live EUTV channels for FREE in Spain.  You can also enjoy 30 Day Catchup TV, VOD & Movie catalog. Watch one channel on TV, another on your PC and a different channel on your iPad if you like.  NOW introducing over 2000 International TV channels with the new Dynamic TV Feature!



Enjoy the best call & data rates with our brand new dT Mobile Service.  Now all Data over 4G connectivity with prices to cater for all kinds of users including “shared” plans with up to 3 SIMs. NOW also including FREE access to the ChatDDT AI assistant from your WhatsApp! Check out all the info here.



Save up to 88% with our Low Cost Call service and switch your Land Line rental to Direct Telecom with DT OneBill.  Everything you need to save money with just one company! International calls from as little as 3.3 cents per min.

(3.9 cts with IVA or 3.6 cts with IGIC)


What is dT Media TV?

dT Media TV is the best way to watch Live UKTV and enjoy 30 Day Catchup TV from anywhere in the world! NOW introducing Dynamic TV feature with over 2000 international channels!

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Why we're different

Why we’re different?

Our goal is to provide money saving products & services that exceed your expectations

We LOVE what we do

We think that life is more enjoyable thanks to technology and we want to share this optimism.
We believe that technology should make life easier, so we design money saving services that do just that!

We are HUMAN

We are a company with a human face that remains close and listens to our customers.  Any word of criticism is used constructively to improve what we do and every compliment is celebrated with great pride!


We will find ways to make things happen for our customers and we do not consider anything to be impossible.  If there is a way, we will find it.

Customer SATISFACTION is our main goal and greatest reward.

As products and services proliferate and become more complex, the trend is increasingly towards customers choosing one operator for all their services. With our tripple-play offer across the whole country we are extremely well positioned for this. More than 45% of our customers have already two or more of our products, through the success of our packs in which we can bundle fix with telephony, broadband internet and digital TV.

All our bundles have the same fundamental aim: we want every segment of our customer base to have the best possible access, and the right support to take advantage of it.

Vision and Mission

To produce high-quality, low cost, easy to use products & services that incorporate all the telecommunications elements for our customer requirements. We are proving that technology does not have to be intimidating for non computer experts, and that top quality services can also save money.

We want to go above and beyond the average level of service to create an emotional impact on our customer.
Ultimately, everything a person seeks is a means to feel happy and fulfilled.  The enjoyment of technology & communication, nearly always accompanied by family, friends and unlimited amounts of information, offers a very simple yet wonderfully mysterious route. 

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Direct Telecom is to model and advocate Communication & Technology as an means to mindfully enjoying life while saving money.  To that end we will strive to make our work a civilised, principled and compassionate part of our daily lives.

We have work because our customers value our high-quality communications services.

We deliver superior customer experiences through our products and our actions. Everything we do we build on a strong network, systems and process foundation. The quality and reliability of the products we deliver are paramount. Customers pay us to provide them with services that they can rely on.

We focus outward on the customer, not inward. We make it easy for customers to do business with us, by listening, anticipating and responding to their needs.

We know our products and can explain them to customers. We focus on fundamental execution. We are accountable and we follow through with a sense of urgency. We know that having the highest ethical standards is a competitive advantage.

We know teamwork enables us to serve our customers better and faster. We embrace diversity and personal development not only because its the right thing to do, but also because its smart business.

We are driven not by ego but by accomplishments. We keep our commitments to each other and our customers. Our word is our contract. We respect and trust one another, communicating openly, candidly and directly since any other way is unfair and a waste of time. We voice our opinion and exercise constructive dissent, and then rally around the agreed-upon action with our full support. Any one of us can deliver a view or idea to anyone else, and listen to and value anothers view regardless of title or level. Ideas live and die on their merits rather than where they were invented.

We believe integrity is at the core of who we are. It establishes the trust that is critical to the relationships we have.

We are committed to do the right thing and follow sound business practices in dealing with our customers, suppliers, owners and competitors. Our competitors are not enemies; they are challengers who drive us to improve. We are good corporate citizens and share our success with the community to make the world in which we work better than it was yesterday.

We know that bigness is not our strength, best is our strength.

Bureaucracy is an enemy. We fight every day to stay small and keep bureaucracy out. We are more agile than companies larger than us, because we act fast and take risks every day. We see crisis and change as opportunities, not threats. We run to a crisis, not away. Change energises us. We work hard, take action and take personal accountability for getting things done. Our actions produce measurable results.

Everything we do is built on the strong foundation of our corporate values.

We know our best was good for today. Tomorrow we’ll do better.

We are Direct Telecom.

Services we offer

– Installation of Telefónica / Movistar Land Lines
– Low Cost Call service & Line Rental with dT OneBill (no more Movistar invoices)
– Fibre Broadband connections dT Fibre, no more Movistar invoices
– Low Cost Mobile Telephony solution
– WIMAX / 4G LTEWireless Internet solutions.
– Live UK TV service with dT Media TV
– UK TV Catch-up service with dT Media TV
– Video On Demand service with dT Media TV
– Live UK Radio service with dT Media TV
– Movies service with dT Media TV
– Home networking accessories (WIFI Extenders, PLC Kits etc)
– Professional Fibre Internet Broadband for Businesses
– Dedicated Fibre Circuits for Businesses
– Voice Over IP (VoIP) service for Residential Customers for FREE and even Cheaper calls
– Voice Over IP (VoIP) service for Business Customers for FREE and even Cheaper calls


In order to deliver an exceptional service, teaming up with solid industry partners is crucial. We expect our partners to do much more for us so we can empower our customers with the extra benefits.

Quotes & Testimonials

What Others Say About Us

Our customers are our best ambassadors and each day more people join us through their recommendations.

  • I had the internet and internet tv off your company a few weeks ago and we are very pleased with the service you supplied and would like to say thank you.
    I have now recommend your company to 3 friends of mine,they will be contacting you or might have already contacted your company
    hope you can help them as you did for me.

    my husband installs satellites and has seen other systems on his travels and they do not meet your tv quality and they are always buffering,he is asked about internet tv and I know he will be recommending yours.
    we have just spoke to of the people and they have already signed up to your internet.
    thank you for your service
    thank you Joanne

  • I logged a service failure with you on Monday (telephone dead and very low speed on internet) and would like you to know I was very pleased with the response by your departments technicians. The engineer that came to my house to deal with the problem was an extremely pleasant young Spanish man named Antonio. He was efficient and friendly and also spoke some English. I had been looking at the cost of similar services as others now seem to be coming down but, the service you provided encourages me to stay with what is good and overall has been for around the 10 years that I have been with you.

    Pearl Almerimar
  • I have been with this company now for many years. They have always responded quickly to my telephone calls and emails and have always resolved any problem or query I have had. I am so pleased they have all these helpful and polite people on their staff. Well done all.

  • Just a quick email to compliment your company on the rapid response to repairing our landline.
    We reported on Wednesday 6 June that we had no dialling tone. The following day engineers visited our house (which is out the campo) and within 30mins the repair was complete and we are back in contact with everyone. Thanks for the great service. We are pleased with the service from DT and would recommend your company to anyone in the future.

    Michael Russell Cruz de Algaida
  • We would like to thank you all for your speedy and courteous response to our recent problem with our phone line. Within 24 hours of the first report with some call backs from your staff our phone was fully functioning once again. Thank you so much.

    Noel Rigney
  • I am not the most literate person in relation to computers. So when I read that DT were introducing a new service where you could watch TV programs on your computer or TV I decided to try it out. At first I had a problem getting connected, so contacted DT technical dept. A gentleman called Miguel contacted me and gave me first class advice on how to gain access in language I could understand (no computer jargon). By following what he told me I was "up and running" in no time and received a very clear picture way beyond my expectations. I now cannot wait for the launch of the STB (Set Top Box) please note, I can even use the jargon now.
    I am of the opinion that by taking time and ensuring that they are providing a top class product and service DT are again on a winner and will continue to attract customers old and new to join and enjoy their service.

  • Decided against my better judgement to leave direct telecome and so switch providers ,,after almost 3 frustrating weeks , the new provider did NOTHING , so arranged to return to DIRECT TELECOM..within a few hours , service restored including internet and the telephone .Cannot fault the total professional manner of their staff.Well done and once again thank you...

    mrs e.c.chard
  • I have been a customer for many years first just with the telephone calls- then I add ADSL and finally took your offer for the D.T One Bill.
    I have always received excellent service during all this time and recently when I needed your help it was completed within 24 Hours. So I would like to thank you for the efficient-courteous-friendly and professional service you always provide.

  • I have been with Direct Telecom for very many years and have always received excellent service and support from them. We all have our "favourite person" within a company, who seems to look after us particularly well and I am no exception, but I have to say, it doesn't matter which member of staff I deal with, they are all polite, friendly and efficient at their jobs. Long may they continue to serve us.

  • Thanks for the good news that we're free of the dreaded Telefonica. All we want now is that final bill. We hope there'll be no problem with them still taking the direct debit for their charges from our account when they should'nt be. As you may gather from this e-mail, we have no faith in them and have had many problems with them in the past. It will be a pleasure to have our phone supplied by you, a company we can rely on and have trust in. Thanking you very much!

    Mr & Mrs Jones
  • I have viewed the dt media site now each day since it was started , another great idea from a forward looking company . The picture quality is very clear and I have not experienced any problems. I expect more programmes will be added as and when you can. Keep up the excellent service which you seem to excel in.

    M.J.Barrett Javea
  • I have been with direct Telecom for five years and in that time they have provided a great service with faultless and friendly customer service. I would highly recommend them.

    Paul Boyson
  • I have had a remarkably good experience setting up my internet service before I even moved to Spain from the UK so that it was ready to go when I got there. Isabelle went above and beyond any expectations I could have had and helped me every step of the way. I cannot remember ever having such amazing customer service with any company or service in my life. It's worth every penny.

    Marjan Asi
  • We decided to upgrade to high speed internet and Carol Hawes at Direct Telecom has been fantastic throughout. She has very promptly addressed all matters and we are now booked in to have the cabling, etc upgraded.

    Simon Porter
  • Excellent service and very friendly, helpful staff, a top company to deal with, would recommend them , without hesitation . Good luck for the future.

    Neil Taylor
  • Always been a very reliable service to me over many years. Very helpful staff who have gone over and above when things not quite right. I am enormously grateful that they are still working in these very difficult times to ensure we still have this Tv service. For me at 76 years of age and living alone it is invaluable. Stay safe DD staff and thank you.

    Chrissie Swift
  • I'm elderly and not at all up to speed with internet technology. But I've now had fibre optics internet installed - and this is what I've just written to the customer services of Direct Telecom: Many thanks for all your help - you and Carol have made it a painless process. I was dreading having to change over as I thought I'd never get my head around what was involved.

    Marguerite Barwick
  • I have been with Direct Telecom for many years, yes there has been hiccups but there is always some one at the end of the phone. I have sometimes been frustrated but the response from this team has been FANTASTIC!! Thank you for always being there for me. You have always offered solutions not obstacles.!! In these uncertain times. The response of the team are not only professional but caring. They certainly tick every box. Thank you . We have just renewed our contract....... we looked at the rest but went with SIMPLY THE BEST. Again we received fantastic and rapid response. Their patience is wonderful, no hard sell, options are offered and I change from one option to another so many times I am surprised they had any hair left!! Called in Tuesday and was watching tv and had internet in 2 hours!! THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN

    Jane Williams
  • If there is a rare problem, technical or administrative, then there is always assistance to deal with the issue. If you want ease of mind and no problems then would recommend.

    Tom Leport
  • I would just like to say that we have got many accounts with Direct Telecom. We have internet on ADSL, Fiber and Sky Wire when cable is not possible. All of our properties have the Dune Box tv package which is very good too. Over the years we have had issues but not many to speak of when you consider how many systems we have installed. When ever I have been in touch with the office they have always been very polite and helpful to resolve any problems that we may have. I have even chatted with staff on the weekends, when the office is closed, via Facebook messenger and again very helpful. I always recommend to people and they are all very happy with Direct Telecoms Service. Keep up the Great work.

    Tasca Mike
  • The sales lady who handled our enquiry, order and aftersales was an absolute credit to Direct Telecom. The package provides a serious reduction in cost for more facilities than experienced with Movistar. All in all, it has to be a "no brainer" Well done Direct Telecom.

    Mike Bence

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