Everything you need, starting at just 34,99€/month!*

Fibre Optics + Mobile + dT Media TV + Line & Calls

*Subject to network coverage. Price with tax: IGIC 37,44€ / IVA 42,34€

  • Free WiFi Router
  • Line Rental & Maintenance
  • UNLIMITED Calls (Spanish Landlines)
  • 60 Minutes (Spanish Mobiles)
  • Access to dT Media TV
    with over 50 UK/EU Channels
  • 1 month FREE Catch-up TV
  • FREE Installation (save 199€)
  • Mobile Service with Calls & 4G Data

Pick the dT All-In package which best suits your needs below:

The pricing table of packages is arranged in a way that will allow you to select the Fibre Optic Internet speed you need as well as the associated Mobile service.
The Mobile service includes 1 SIM card unless you select the “shared” option, which will include up to 3 SIM cards that share the calls & data allowance.
For example: The All-IN 100 Package will provide you with a 100MB/100MB Speed Fibre Optics connection, WiFi Router, Land Line + Calls and a Mobile service with calls + 10GB of 4G Data/month as well as access to dT Media TV for just 34,99€+tax.


dT Fibre Speed


dT Mobile Options


IGIC37,44€ IVA42,34


10GB Uniimited


IGIC37,44€ IVA42,34


IGIC42,79€ IVA48,39€


10GB Unlimited

IGIC42,79€ IVA48,39€


40GB Shared

IGIC48,14€ IVA

100GB Shared


IGIC53,49€ IVA60,49€


IGIC53,49€ IVA60,49€


10GB Unlimited


IGIC53,49€ IVA60,49€

40GB Shared

IGIC58,84€ IVA

100GB Shared

IGIC64,19€ IVA48,39€


IGIC64,19€ IVA72,59€


40GB Shared

IGIC64,19€ IVA

100GB Shared

IGIC69,54€ IVA78,64€

Call from Landline to National mobile after free minutes: 0,206/min IGIC Incl. 0,242/min IVA Incl.
National Call Connection charge after free minutes: 0,17€ IGIC Incl. 0,20€ IVA Incl.

The dT Fibre Optics service is available nationwide.  If the National Operator can provide FTTH in your property then dT Fibre is also available.  Please keep in mind that not all packages are available everywhere and are subject to network coverage so please check with us first so we can confirm which packages are available for you at your property.
*Unlimited National landline calls subject to fair usage policy of 2000 minutes per month **Unlimited National mobile calls subject to fair usage policy of 2000 minutes per month
***Mandatory dT Mobile – You must have at least 1 dT Mobile contracted to qualify for this package either with a new number or portability of your number.
***The 1st month of dT Media MORE with access to 30 Day Catch Up + Dynamic TV with International TV channels is FREE.  After this, you will be invoiced 9,99€/month (IGIC 10,69€ – IVA 12,09€) thereafter unless you let us know within the 1st month that you do not wish to continue enjoying this service in writing.
Call rates: Please check default International call rates from dT Fibre here.  Contract duration: 12 months.  Associated dT Mobile 12 months.

Extra Options for the dT All-IN Package:

Add some great bonos for international calls:

Bono Price Incl. IGIC Price Incl. IVA
100 Mins 2,65€ 3,00€
300 Mins 7,96€ 9,00€
600 Mins 10,61€ 12,00€

Usage over Data Allowance at reduced speed of 128Kb up to max. of additional 1GB.
Price/min after free mins: 0,0309€ IGIC Incl. 0,0363€/min IVA Incl. Call Connection charge after free mins: 0,1545€ IGIC Incl. 0,1815€ IVA Incl. 
SMS National 8,6 cents IGIC / 9,7 cents IVA International 26,8 cents IGIC / 30 cents IVA
International calls to Landlines & Mobiles including: Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brasil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cyprus, Columbia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Morocco (only landlines), Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, UK, Uruguay, USA and Venezuela.
International calls cannot be used when roaming – normal roaming charges will apply. **International calls subject to fair usage policy 1000 minutes per month. SMS National 8,6 cents IGIC / 9,7 cents IVA International 26,8 cents IGIC / 30 cents IVA

See more Mobile options to add to your package HERE:

Don’t miss out on this Special deal for your Dune HD TV Box!

With the dT All-In Package, you will have access to the dT Media TV service via the browser on your PC, Tablet, Smartphone and even some Smart TV’s.  For many clients, the preferred way to enjoy the service is with the Dune HD Set Top Box which you will receive with the dT Media TV App pre-installed for your comfort.

(Usually 199,99€ + tax)

Now only : 99,99€ + tax

And with a 2nd dT Mobile, get it for just 49,99€ + tax!


Fast, Reliable & Unlimited Broadband

streaming iptv uktv spain

NOW with access to more Fibre Optics than ever!

As Direct Telecom now has access to more Fibre Carriers than before, thus allowing us to access the entire National Fibre Optics Network grid, we are able to provide dT Fibre coverage wherever the National Operator can and more!  dT Fibre brings you Optical Fibre delivering the ultimate performance in speed.  Our FTTH (Fiber to the Home) service will get your home connected with speeds that can range from 50Mbit to 600Mbit throughout Spain.  While engineers continue to deploy the Fibre Network throughout the country at an extraordinarily fast pace, we are ready to set you up if FTTH is already available in your area!  Enjoy the high performance & speed of Optical Fibre for your dT Media TV, Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and so much more.  Remember that the package that you can select will depend on the Network Coverage in your area!

Coverage Map – Spain

Click on the “Sign up” Button  below to process your application for the dT All-In package including Fibre Optics, Mobile, dT Media TV as well as a Mobile service with calls and 4G Data.

*The dT Fibre Optics service is available nationwide.  If the National Operator can provide FTTH in your property then dT Fibre is also available.  Please keep in mind that not all packages are available everywhere and are subject to network coverage and once installed it is only ever possible to upgrade your package, no downgrades are permitted.

Optional Extras

 Fixed IP Address   19,99€/month

Prices including IGIC/IVA: Dune HD 160,49€/181,44€, Fixed IP Address (monthly): 21,39€ / 24,19€
Portability of your current Phone Number has an administration fee of 15€ (IGIC 16,05€/IVA 18,15€).

 Frequently Asked Questions

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