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How to set up the APN settings on your phone in order for the 3G/4G Data to work.

ANDROID phone: 1. Go to your SETTINGS, then select Mobile Networks and then APN.
2. Select “Add APN” 3. In the APN field, please type “internetmas” without the inverted commas.
4. Select “Save”.

IPHONE: On an iPhone with IOS, please follow these simple instructions.

1.  First, make sure your phone is connected to WiFI.
2. Open your Safari Browser on your iPhone (not Chrome or any other browser)
3. Go to the following URL: www.unlockit.co.nz

You should be able to see the following on your screen:
4. Select “Create APN” on the bottom of the screen (not the advert at the top)

5. Now select Country “Spain” and Carrier “Masmovil (Standard) or Cablemovil.

6. Make sure the settings are correct and then select “Create APN


7. You should now be taken to a screen from Apple that looks like the image below.
Now you must select “Install” as illustrated below.

8. The setup is now complete!  Now make sure you disconnect your WiFi on the iPhone
and you can test to see if the Data via 3G/4G is working correctly.

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