A Fibre Optics Broadband connection is for most unquestionably the best connection one could dream of, and this is also why Direct Telecom launched its Fibre service early in 2018, BUT this doesn’t mean it is the “best” solution for everyone.  While Fibre promises to provide speeds ranging from anywhere between 20MB to 300MB connections, it is common knowledge that the “average” user needs no more than 10MB of speed if the intention is to use the Internet connection to browse, send mails, use social media and even enjoy streaming services like dT Media TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBO etc.  In fact, most customers with a 6MB ADSL connection can even enjoy HD Streaming so the “need for Fibre” is really a personal choice and not necessarily a “must” to enjoy the most popular services.  Although the deployment of Fibre is picking up its pace, there are thousands of properties that will have no coverage in the foreseeable future and there will be hundreds that will probably never be reached as they will be considered to be “too far out” to warrant heavy investments in digging up roads etc.

dT Sky Wire offers all the Broadband you should need to enjoy all the services you want.

  1. Installed within 5 days, so no more waiting around
  2. Can reach locations that Fibre won’t reach in the foreseeable future
  3. You can Hibernate the connection while you are away so you will pay just 15€/month! (+tax)