This information is frequently requested by clients contracting services with Direct Telecom and wish to know what the procedures are to cancel their services with their previous provider.  This information was valid at 19/10/23 and may have changed since.

To cancel your MásMóvil fiber service, follow these steps:

1. Call MásMóvil’s customer service at 2373. This is a free number, and you can cancel your internet or mobile services at any time by speaking with a representative[1][2].

2. Request the cancellation of your fiber service. Keep in mind that MásMóvil has certain conditions for internet services, so check if you have any remaining contract obligations[1].

3. Return the MásMóvil router. Once you have requested the cancellation from the MásMóvil cancellation department, a courier will contact you to collect the router[1].

4. If your cancellation is not effective or if you are still being charged for services you no longer have, contact MásMóvil’s customer service at 2373. Make sure to have your cancellation receipt on hand[1].

If you want to cancel your MásMóvil mobile service without fiber or ADSL, you can do so by sending an email to with a photocopy of your ID. MásMóvil will process the cancellation and send you a confirmation[1].