This information is frequently requested by clients contracting services with Direct Telecom and wish to know what the procedures are to cancel their services with their previous provider.  This information was valid at 19/10/23 and may have changed since.

To cancel a contract with Movistar in Spain, you can follow these steps:

1. Call Movistar customer service at 1004 from your registered number[1][2]. Make sure to have your Movistar Spain number with you, as the customer care will send a verification SMS to complete the cancellation request[2].

2. During the call, ask for the case file number (Nº expediente) for the cancellation (baja) and make a note of it[1].

3. The customer service representative may ask you the reason for the cancellation. If you have made up your mind, you can give your final say[2].

4. Provide the security PIN sent to your number via SMS to the customer service agent to deactivate your number[2].

5. Movistar may charge you for any equipment that needs to be returned. Make sure to return the equipment, such as the router, to avoid additional charges[4].

Alternatively, you can send a fax to 902104132 or a certified letter to Apartado de Correos 151.124 28080 Madrid, including the number you want to cancel, a copy of your NIE, the application, and your signature[1]. However, calling the customer service number is generally the most convenient and efficient method.