The speed you can enjoy will depend on the distance from your location to our nearest Base Station.
If you are within approximately 5Km from our Base Station then Up to 20Mb is achievable.
If you are within approximately 10Km from our Base Station then Up to 10Mb is achievable.

Having said that, we already have some customers who are connected at a distance just under 15km from the nearest Base Station and are enjoying almost 7Mb of speed.  These customers are in locations where there it is even impossible to get a telephone line so they are very happy.  This is why locations over 10Km away from a Base Station are usually not recommended, but if there is a clear line of sight, we are happy to try it and sometimes we shall be pleasantly surprised with the results.

dT Sky Wire requires “direct line of sight” from the Base Station to the Antenna installed at your property.  So any mountains or buildings in the way will make it impossible to install dT Sky Wire until we install new Base Stations that allow you to get connected from another angle.
As silly as it may sound, even trees and vegetation which are in the “connection trajectory” can completely disqualify the installation.