Spain is in the lead in the EU when it comes to deployment of Fibre Optics networks.
Since 2016, the National Operator began closing down the traditional “copper” exchanges to shut down ADSL and to replace the technology with future-proof Fibre Optics.

The goal in Spain is to achieve total shutdown of the copper network by 2024 but it could be sooner to advance the goal of offering the best connectivity to both residential and business customers. With the accelerated fibre deployment, it has contributed greatly to making Spain the European country with the most fibre optics to develop the activity in line with the needs of new services and the new generation communications.

According to a report from the Council in Europe, back in 2014, Spain was already installing more Fibre Optics connections in 1 week than the UK in a whole year!  In fact, the UK didn’t even make the top 20 in the Council’s list.

Furthermore, the style of Fibre Optics deployment used in Spain is different to the approach used in other EU countries as in Spain we are delivering the Fibre To The Home (FTTH) all the way (into your living room) instead of delivering Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) which delivers Fibre Optics to the Local Cabinet/Building and then the last part of the connection is established to the Home via traditional Copper (lower speeds and more prone to deterioration).

The vast majority of Direct Telecom customers have already transitioned from ADSL/Copper to FTTH and we continue to process hundreds of migrations every month.  Since customers have transitioned to Fibre, we have noticed a significant reduction in the amount of technical issues reported by customers and we have received extremely positive feedback from customers who have also reported to be very pleased by the super fast connectivity & reliability.