The Spanish Telecommunications industry is responsible for about 1/3rd of the official complaints made by the consumers.

March the 15th, Movistar was the award winner for the “worst company of the year” by the consumers.

In 2010, the Telco industry reached a historic record by obtaining 32% of the complaints generated by the consumers.  The companies leading the scoreboard are Movistar followed by Vodafone.

Direct Telecom investigates what is upsetting consumers in order to never make the same mistakes.

The principle motives; abuse and fraud.

The consumers have highlighted the following main reasons;
– the non-fulfilment of promotional offers
– invoiced for unsolicited services
– receiving invoices after having canceled the service
– threats with abusive cancellation fees if the contract is breached
– and being billed for calls never made

It is not surprising that the consumers in Spain are hungry for alternatives.  We know for a fact that consumers are not only facing some of the mentioned complaints but in some cases are suffering with all of them!
This is why it is a pleasure for us to listen, help and offer solutions for those who simply want to get away from that kind of business practice. Â  For Direct Telecom it is clear as crystal: Customers are happy to pay for a service that they are getting.  The key word being “SERVICE”.

There will always be a better price and dozens of cheaper rates, but what good does it do if you are not getting the quality, consistency and reliability of service you really want?  This is what motivates the whole team at Direct Telecom to maintain the level of service delivered in exchange for the ludicrously low rates that still allow you to save up to 80% against the National Operator!