Although Adobe Flash has been an integral part of many websites, games and TV streaming/multimedia services, it has been considered to be a serious security risk for over a decade.
During the course of the years, some customers have been able to enjoy dT Media TV by using the Internet Browser that comes with the Smart TV, but many of these browsers inside the Smart TV’s use Adobe Flash.

In July 2017, Adobe had already officially warned the world that Flash would reach “end of life” by the end of 2020.

Although dT Media TV was ready to “Turn off” Adobe Flash completely in 2017 we tried our very best to keep it “alive” because some customers were using Smart TV’s that needed Adobe Flash to work and begged us to try to keep it working.  Whenever we would turn off Adobe Flash, we would receive some complaints about dT Media TV not working on their Smart TVs.  Sometimes this was fixed by getting the Smart TV to do a Firmware update from the TV Manufacturer and sometimes this has worked but with some other models, manufacturers have decided not to make any updates to their TV sets so that Adobe Flash could be removed and be replaced with HTML5 etc.
If certain services such as dT Media TV stopped working on the “Internet Browser” of the Smart TV, then this is technically an issue that the TV manufacturer must solve by issuing an update which will allow the TV to continue working without the Adobe Flash, but as some customers have noticed, this has not always been the case.

For this reason, we continued to try to keep Adobe Flash alive for those who are unable to “upgrade their TV’s” in order to eliminate Flash altogether.

In January 2021 Adobe officially declared the End Of Life and “Strongly recommends all users to immediately uninstall Flash”.
Shortly after this, at Direct Telecom we had no choice and were unable to provide any more support over the browsers on computers, tablets & smartphones.

Now in May 2021, we have been officially instructed by our technological partners that Adobe Flash should be removed entirely from the system in order to prevent further potential security vulnerabilities.  Not only to protect the integrity of the dT Media TV platform but most importantly to protect our customers.   We strongly recommend and urge our customers to refrain from using any services that require Adobe Flash and highly recommend you delete this from your device.

Direct Telecom officially only supports the Dune HD set top box.  Although it is possible that many Smart TVs (especially the newer models) are able to enjoy dT Media TV on the Internet Browser built into the TV, it is impossible for Direct Telecom to support or provide extensive support.

During the month of June 2021, Adobe Flash is being removed altogether from all dT Media TV systems to protect the integrity of the platform.  Furthermore we want to insist once again that you should refrain from using any “Adobe Flash” applications or services for your own security.

If you were using dT Media TV via a Smart TV, please remember there are many different solutions to continue enjoying the service:

1- Dune HD Set Top Box (officially supported by Direct Telecom)
2- Using the Browser on a PC that can also be connected to TV with HDMI cable.
3- Using the Browser on a iPad/Tablet that can also be connected to TV with HDMI cable.
4- Using the Browser on a SmartPhone that can also be connected to TV with HDMI cable.
5- Using the Browser on a SmartPhone or /iPad/Tablet that can also be broadcasted over the air to an Apple TV or Chromecast.

We trust that customers can appreciate that there is in effect no “loss of service” from dT Media TV and we sincerely hope that the above mentioned alternatives will allow you to continue enjoying the service.  At Direct Telecom we take the security for our customers seriously by removing the risk.  It is time that TV manufacturers do the same by issuing updates to remove the risks and by implementing the updated industry standard alternatives.

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