Shocking! A recent study of average download speeds has left Spain at the tail end of the listings.

The study analysed 27 million downloads from 20 million computers in 224 countries through the first six months of this year and the results confirm that Spain has one of the slowest download speeds within Europe, in fact, only Italy faired worse than us!

The study highlighted the high speeds of Eastern Europe where the infrastructure has been improved and comparing Rumania´s 1.9Mbps to Spain´s 394Kbps it gives us an idea of how behind in the race we really are.

Even our neighbours, Portugal, reached a modest 553Kbps and if we compare that to South Korea´s impressive 2.2Mbps then we can only cross our fingers and hope that sometime, in the near future, we will be able to enjoy improved, more reliable speeds. With distant promises of fiber optics just how much longer will we have to wait to get up to speed with the “best” of Europe?