Yes.  In fact, as a dT Sky Wire customer, you will be given FREE access to dT Media TV to enjoy UKTV.
You will of course also be able to enjoy other Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBO.

Once you are connected with dT Sky Wire, you will be able to use your computer, smartphone or tablets to use the IPTV service of your choice.
The best way to enjoy dT Media TV however is with a Dune HD Set Top Box which you can connect with a Network cable to the provided Router and you can then connect to your TV using the HDMI cable.

NOTE: Some IPTV Providers using MAG250 boxes deliver IPTV services that demand tremendous amounts of Bandwidth for them to work.  While dT Media TV for instance requires only 1Mb for the SD channels and about 2.5MB for the HD channels, it seems some of these alternative IPTV providers could demand speeds of over 6MB because they use “uncompressed” techniques.  Some customers have reported their service on the MAG250 to freeze constantly even over 10MB ADSL’s and it is almost impossible to use another device on the same network at the same time.