ADSL Broadband technology operates over the physical copper land line cable.  The copper wire is gradually being “phased out” and is certainly not being “maintained” any more by Movistar engineers as they want to eventually replace everything with Fiber.  The copper wire has in many cases also been “lying around” for over 30 years or so, which means it is constantly in need of maintenance due to the effects of humidity, wear and tear and is often snapped by road maintenance works or even accidental household gardening.  The optimal length for a “decent” ADSL connection for a copper wire is also limited to just 4km from the local exchange.  Over the years, we have seen many Direct Telecom customers with ADSL connections on copper wires that are much longer than this and are therefore not able to enjoy the full capacity of the connection.

dT Sky Wire solves many of these problems:

  1. No need to wait around for Fibre
  2. dT Sky Wire has a reach of 10Km from the Base Station
  3. No more need to worry about road works affecting any wires
  4. No more need to worry about humidity or deterioration of the copper wire