dT OneBill is a service in which Direct Telecom takes control of all the connections made through a telephone line in Spain from the native operator (Movistar) and collects the subscription fee from the subscribers.

With dT OneBill, Direct Telecom has been able to produce a single bill for the customer covering calls and line rental since 2009.  Broadband services can also be provided by the Direct Telecom (and included in a single bill).

Once the dT OneBill procedure is complete, our customers will no longer receive any more invoices from Movistar and will instead receive just one invoice from Direct Telecom in English.

In most cases, our team will spot numerous services that our customers have been paying Movistar for many years, such as the “maintenance of the telephone”, which are completely unnecessary.  An important added advantage of applying for dT OneBill is that we will check the “additional contracted services” with our customer and proceed to remove the unwanted costs in the process to achieve even more savings.