We know thousands of our customers frequently spend months away from Spain, and many have always asked us to develop a system that would allow them to temporarily “suspend” their connection while they are away and consequently pay less.  We are happy to announce that this “hibernation” feature is available with dT Sky Wire.

In order to “hibernate” your line, you must simply notify us in writing with notice of at least 2 weeks.  You must specify which calendar months you want the connection to be hibernated.  If anything changes or you are returning to Spain sooner, simply let us know so that we can activate your connection again.

During Hibernation, you will pay only 15€/month (16,05€ IGIC/€18,15 IVA) which you can do for a maximum of 6 full calendar months during the first 18 month contract and therafter a maximum of 6 full calendar months per year.  While hibernated, it will not be possible to enjoy Internet or TV services.

NOTE: Please make sure that the Hibernation Feature is possible in your area.