Line Guard is a service that was created thanks to the suggestions made by our customers to be protected from unexpected service maintenance costs.

Until Line Guard existed, customers with Line Rental where never really covered for any kind of issues with internal cabling as Telefónica/Movistar would only accept responsibility from their network up to the PTR inside the premises.  All the connectors & cabling inside the premises were never covered and repairs would have to be paid apart.

By contracting Line Guard for just 1,99€/month (only compatible if dT OneBill is contracted), Direct Telecom will cover costs incurred by Telefónica in the event of internal repairs such as changing faulty internal phone sockets or the line itself.  Line Guard also covers the time and travel expenses presented by the engineer which can be expensive.

For every contract period, Line Guard will cover a maximum of 100€  worth of repairs.  If you decide to authorise a repair with a superior amount that is billed to Direct Telecom, then the difference will be charged on your following Direct Telecom invoice.  Any expenses covered by Line Guard will be billed to the customer if the running contractual agreement is prematurely breached.