PTR stands for “Punto de Terminación de Red” in Spanish which translates to “Network Termination Unit“.

The PTR is basically the principal point of entry to the premises for the Land Line subscriber and connects the home to the central exchange.
The rest of the cabling throughout a house or premises  all starts off from here.  Movistar’s responsibility of the functionality of your line ends at the PTR.
Often when problems are reported, the engineers will check the connections & configurations at the central/local exchange and once inside your house they will check if the line operates correctly at the PTR.  If all is OK at the PTR it can be considered that there is a fault with the rest of the cabling that stems off from the PTR and is the responsibility of the customer.

The PTR usually has a small latch that can be lifted in order to do testing.   By opening the “testing port“, the  rest of the network is automatically disconnected.

During support calls with Direct Telecom engineers, we will often ask our customers to locate the PTR to test connectivity for issues related to the Landline as well as ADSL.

Point of Entry - Land Line Spain
PTR Telefónica /Movistar