Call Divert Service

You have the option to activate (caller divert if busy), if you are on a call and someone tries to call you, then the call will be diverted to another number (you need to allocate the number to divert the call to). If you have this service activated it has priority over the answer machine. You will be billed for the call to the diverted number.

To activate or deactivate the divert service.


· Lift receiver & wait for dialing tone.

· Dial the code * 67 *

· Immediately dial the telephone number you wish to divert the call to.

· To confirm this press the # key. You will hear a continuous tone that confirms the activation.

· Hang up the phone.

Deactivate Divert Service

· Lift receiver & wait for dialling tone.

· Dial the code # 67 #

· Hang up the phone.