Terms & Conditions

I hereby confirm that I am the authorised person to make decisions for service applications made to the mentioned lines. I authorise the bank / credit card issuer / debit card issuer to pay from my bank account / credit card / debit card (as indicated above), the invoices presented by Dial Direct Telecom S.L. relative to the present agreement. I authorise the use of my Direct Debit / Credit Card / Debit Card details for the use of settling my account. I accept the Terms and Conditions of this agreement.. I understand that in the event of contracting DT Mobile Services, I must provide Credit/Debit card details to process the payment of the admin fee/deposit, unless payment is via cash. I hereby authorise Dial Direct Telecom to act on my behalf to process my line rental application (Extended CPS) &/or access the pre-selection facility (preselección de Operadores). I understand that I will be required to dial the provided prefix until pre-selection has been confirmed. El abajo firmante autoriza a Dial Direct Telecom S.L con CIF:B38585204 a realizar, en su nombre y representación, cuantas actuaciones sean necesarias para realizar su cesión de línea y aceptación de deuda y declara que todos y cada uno de los anteriores datos e informaciones son correctos. El abonado autoriza aDial Direct Telecom S.L. a transferir a los operadores que intervienen en el proceso de cesión de línea todos los datos personales cuya comunicación sea necesaria para activar esta facilidad sin prejuicio de lo dispuesto en la Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de 13 de Diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal. 
DEBT ACCEPTANCE AND LINE ASSIGNMENT Dial Direct Telecom S.L con CIF:B38585204 is authorised by the bellow mentioned signee to perform under his name and representation any and all required tasks to comply with the line assignment and debt acceptance, declaring the before mentioned information to be precise and correct. Dial Direct Telecom S.L is therefore authorised by the subscriber to transfer all applicable personal data to the applicable operators involved within the line assignment process notwithstanding of the 13th, December 15/1999 corresponding personal data protection laws. Object Dial Direct Telecom S.L. (hereinafter DT) residing in C/La Borda Nº1, Rosa de los Vientos Local Nº1, Adeje – 38670 – S/C de Tenerife with CIF: B38585204., registered in the Trade Register Office of the city of S/C de Tenerife, is a Switchless Telecommunications operator (reseller) that provides a telephone and internet services to the public (hereinafter the “Service”) in this case powered by MÁSMOVIL. More detailed information about the Service can be found on our website. The present General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “GTC”) govern the relationship between the user of the Service (hereinafter the “User”) and DT with regards to the Service. The reading of the following GTC is necessary before using the SIM card. Activating the SIM card (hereinafter, “the Card”) implies full and unreserved acceptance of each and every provision contained in these GTC, which are published on the Direct Telecom Mobile website at www.direct-telecom.es/mobile (hereinafter, “our Website”). First Usage Once the card has been activated, the Service provided by DT shall be at your disposition immediately, in accordance with Direct Telecom Mobile rates, and by charge to the phone credit balance or your bank account, depending on the method chosen. Reception of calls and messages shall be enabled as soon as the service has been activated. Mobile Internet services may require prior activation of the Terminal. With regard to portability, DT shall inform the User via e-mail or SMS of the date when the Service shall be activated. The User shall have a 60-day period, from the date of purchase of the SIM card, to activate it. If after this period the card has not been activated or used, DT reserves the right to cancel it. Said cancellation shall mean the definitive loss of the assigned telephone number. In this case, the User shall be entitled to recover the amount paid for same by request from our Customer Service. DT shall deduct from the amount paid the costs incurred in sending the card, and returning the amount. In this event or in the event of cancellation by the user, DT has the right to charge a fee up to 15€ related to card delivering/courier. The client will be informed about any administrational fee. The Service is offered to you exclusively as an end User and in accordance with rules that call for a reasonable use of the phone plan as well as common sense. As such, the following is not allowed without agreement or consent of The DT Group: a) Resell telephonic traffic. b) Market same by any means, or – unless expressly indicated otherwise – use the Card in any device that is not a mobile station, like arouter for telephone calls or data connections (e.g. “least-cost-router” or “SIM- Boxes”) or other equipment that causes high density traffic. c) Communicate with numbers designed to divert calls (numbers which are not the final destination of the call, but that provide, as a commercial service, call diversion to another number other than that called). Otherwise, DT reserves the right to terminate the contract or the right to charge higher rates and additional fees and limit the maximum number of SIM cards and lines of the Service contracted by one single contract holder. d) Irregular use of the number to make continuous calls, for example using it as a “baby monitor”, “walkie talkie” or other usage that involves an irregular usage of the phone line or service based on objective facts, for example excessive use of line with calls lasting more than 1 hour on average or calls to one or several destinations lasting more than 6 hours,making calls only, or mostly, to premium rate or added value services or calls with a significantly lager medium duration compared to market average. e) Using Internet rate plans with voice lines exclusively to access the Internet and not as voice lines per se. f) Excessive overuse of the Internet access Service, exceeding by 50% the amount contracted by surfing at a lower connection speed. Otherwise, The DT Group reserves the right to terminate the contract, temporarily block the line while investigating irregular usage of the service, limit the maximum number of cards engaged by a single client or change the phone plan, in all cases the client will be notified by DT. In the case of change of phone plan the base rate will apply (including IVA): national landline and mobile calls (9.68 cts / min + 18.15 cts call set up, national data (3.63 cts / MB). Rates, billing and payment The applied rates and charges are made according to the tariffs,general and/or particular conditions, offers and price campaigns valid during that time. All modifications of the tariffs will be communicated on our website or any other channel that DT finds appropriate and allows the user to keep record of such changes and new tariffs. Invoicing for expenditure and/or services will be done on a monthly basis, and if for technical reasons it were not possible to bill the User for the month immediately following the accrual period, DT may then bill the User throughout the upcoming months, regardless of the payment mode chosen by the customer. Prices and charges corresponding to the agreed rates, as well as other general and/or particular conditions and offers or promotions in force at any given moment, will be applied to Services. You will be notified of any changes to the rates via the Website, or by any other means DT deems appropriate for the purposes of notifying you of said changes and the new rates to be applied. Certain rates may have a fixed monthly quota. You shall be informed of the existence of such a fixed quota in the Particular Conditions applicable to each rate prior to contracting the Service. Said fixed quota shall be charged completely at the beginning of every billing period. In the event of cancellation, once the billing period has begun the User shall not have the right to a refund of the fixed quota corresponding to that period. Likewise, certain DT actions, which we will notify you of prior to carrying them out, may incur additional fees In the event that, at the end of the contractual relationship, regardless of the type of contract, there is a balance in favour of the User, he/she may claim a refund and DT will deduct the administrative and management costs incurred, according to the rates applicable at the time. For the purpose of guaranteeing that the data services are invoiced properly, DT reserves the right to restore the connection to this service when there are 2 hours of continued connection. Restoring the service means the data session will automatically be restarted. Contract with Direct Debit option: In the event that the User has opted for this method, the charges for his/her usage shall be made automatically by direct debit. At any time and/or under exceptional circumstances, and so as to ensure compliance of all User obligations, DT may: 1. Request a down payment from the User or make immediate additional charges to the User’s account, for the amount incurred to date. 2. Request that the user make a non-interest-bearing deposit, in cash. 3. Set up a bank guarantee for an amount lower than the average three- month expenditure per account. 4. Restrict the User’s access to premium rate services and international services. The aforementioned steps will be taken should any of the following occur: a) When the established credit limits have been exceeded. b) When a suspension or interruption of the Service occurs for any of the causes stipulated in these GTC or when the contract is terminated. c) When the User fails to comply with these GTC. d) In case of fraud or unauthorized use according to these General Bylaws and as described under the heading “First Usage”. e) Objective risk of payment default, for example a meeting of creditors. In the event of failure to pay the required full amount on the specified date, the User will be required to pay additional late-payment interests equivalent to the legal interest rate, as well as all charges relating to the refund and the administrative costs, which may ascend to 15 euros, and without prejudice to any further consequences that may arise from non-compliance of the contract, like being included in files on solvency and credit. DT reserves the right to use the information relating to the credit or debit cards provided by the User to secure the payment of debts, as long as the User gives his/her prior consent. Moreover, DT also reserves the right to cash in any deposits, surety bonds and/or other established guarantees. The user allows DT explicitly by accepting these GTC to issue the invoices related to the service in electronic format (electronic invoice), being able to access them through his/her online personal area with the password and user name given in the moment of registration, or either through e-mail if requested. The user can revoke this agreement at any time, having the right for requesting paper format invoices. To ask for this revocation, he/she shall request it in written to any of the customer service channels available. 1 of 2 consequences arising from the failure to pay, like being included in files on solvency and credit. Consumption details would be available for consulting in the online personal area at www.direct-telecom.es/mobile Coverage DT shall provide the Service only in the coverage area of the country in which has been introduced DT undertakes to provide the Service within the limits of coverage and the condition of technology. In any case, DT shall not be liable for interruption or malfunction of the Service caused by orographic and/or atmospheric conditions that hinder or render impossible the delivery of the service. Right of disconnection The User may request from DT to be disconnected from the additional rates and voicemail Services. In order to do so, the User should contact Customer Services either by sending an e-mail to info@direct-telecom.es or by calling 900347328, and communicating their desire to disconnect from the services concerned. DT’s disconnection shall not take more than ten (10) days from reception of the request from the user. If disconnection does not occur within the period indicated due to factors not attributable to the User, the costs of the Service which the User requested to disconnect shall be payable by DT. Certain additional rate services are disconnected by default. If a customer wishes to contract one of these services, they should formulate a specific request via our Customer Services area, by sending an email to info@direct-telecom.es or by calling 900347328. Obligations of the parties Notwithstanding the other conditions stipulated in these GTC, DT shall be obliged to: 1.- Provide information about the services provided. This information shall be provided on our website or through any other channel of communication that DT considers appropriate and suitable for making the information available. 2.- Take the necessary actions to repair the damages that may occur in the Service in the shortest time possible. 3.- Respect the preservation of the telephone number assigned in accordance with the present GTC, and the memos and resolutions issued to that effect by the Telecommunications Market Commission. 4.- To provide the connection to the contracted services and deactivate it after notification from the Direct Telecom Mobile Customer Services through our website or by calling 900347328. 5.- To have the necessary resources available and to provide the Service so that the secrecy of communication is guaranteed, to the extent that the available technical resources permit it, notwithstanding the legal interception which may be agreed upon. For its part, the obligations of User shall be: 1.- To use the Service during the term of the contract, paying for the use made. DT may limit the services according to the User’s seniority, use of the service, expenditure and/or irregular payment for the services provided. 2.- To not make use of the Card and the Service provided by DT against the requirement of good faith, or in an improper, unlawful, malicious or fraudulent manner. DT reserves the right to immediately suspend the Service on the assumption that such behaviour may be taking place. 3.- Keep and maintain the confidentiality of access codes and/or passwords provided by DT which are for the personal, exclusive and non-transferable use of the User. 4.- The User shall be the sole person responsible for the accuracy of their personal information. Any variation or alteration of their personal data that may be relevant for the proper delivery of the Service or to comply with current legislation must be notified without delay to DT. 5.- To make a reasonable use, with common sense, of all the services and features provided by DT. Because the SIM card is associated with a personal identification number and a phone number, any communication made from the mentioned card and/or password assigned to the cardholder shall be considered to have been made by him/her or with his/her consent with the exception of loss or misplacement from the time of notification of the occurrence. 6.- The user is obliged to pay the taxes, fees and fiscal charges which are legally applicable. 7.- Minors require the written consent of their parents or guardians in order to contract the services offered. DT’s Responsibilities If a temporary interruption to the mobile phone Service occurs, the User shall be entitled to compensation equal to or higher than the following two: a) The average amount billed for all interrupted services for the three (3) months prior to the interruption, calculated for the actual time that the User is affected by the temporary interruption of Service. If the User has not been with DT for more than three months, the amount of the average bill in full monthly payments made or that has been obtained in an estimated monthly payment in proportion to the actual consumption period shall be considered. b) Five times the monthly payment or equivalent in force at the time of the interruption, calculated for the duration of the interruption. Services or calls made when roaming abroad by operators other than DT are excluded from DT’s responsibility. DT pay this amount when the User makes the next top-up, or shall deduct it from the next bill, when the amount of compensation exceeds one (1) euro. When the temporary interruption is due to force majeure, the User shall be entitled the return of the amount of the subscription and others independent of the traffic, calculated for the time that the interruption lasted. Except for interruptions caused by force majeure, DT agrees that the accumulated time of interruption of Service over a month shall be less than eight (8) hours. The Service interruption time shall be calculated as the sum of the total downtime of the Service over a month. DT shall compensate the User for an amount equal to the average amount invoiced for all services suspended during the three months prior to the interruption, calculated for the time in which it has exceeded its individual commitment of eight (8) hours. If there is a temporary disruption of Service to the mobile Internet access during a billing period, the User shall be entitled to be refunded the subscription and other fixed charges, calculated for the time the interruption lasted. The compensation shall be paid in the next top-up or bill, when the interruption of the Service was longer than six hours from 8 am to 10 pm. In the event of any of the cases listed above occurring, the User shall inform DT will automatically reimburse the User in the event that it is known that the User was located in an area affected by an interruption in the service in the moment when the interruption occurred, or if said interruption affected the area stipulated as the home address of the User in the User’s contract and it cannot be proved that the User was elsewhere during the period of the interruption. In the event that the User was affected by an interruption but has not been considered as affected by said interruption according to the previously stated terms, the User should notify DT of this occurrence, by contacting Customer Service, within ten (10) days after the reestablishment of the Service, which was affected by the interruption of the Service, indicating his/her location at the time of the interruption. Such information should be consistent with that recorded in DT’s systems. The preceding paragraphs shall not apply when the temporary interruption is due to one of the following reasons: a) Serious breach by Users of contract terms, especially in cases of fraud or delay in payment that shall result in the temporary suspension and interruption of the Service; b) Damages caused to the network due to connection through the client’s terminal which has not been assessed in accordance with current regulations; c) Breach of the Code of Conduct by a User who provides additional rate services, when the ownership of the subscription contract corresponds to the latter. DT shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage, except if, in the generation of these, there was malice or negligence on the part of Direct Telecom. DT shall not be held responsible for any damage to terminals that the User has not acquired from DT. DT does not assume any responsibility for loss, damage, theft or misuse of the SIM card and/or password. The cardholder is responsible for all traffic, services used and misuse of the Card. Notwithstanding the foregoing, DT, after identifying the cardholder and his/her personal circumstances, may take measures within its power to avoid damage from the date on which, through the Customer Service, the User communicates the proof or suspicion of loss or theft of the Card or the passwords. DT shall not be held responsible for damages or loss of benefits by the title holder of the contract, or by other third parties, directly or indirectly caused by the loss of Service due to the following causes: (i) incorrect functioning, defects, failure and/or damage to Devices not acquired from DT, (ii) loss, modification and/or total or partial corruption of information held in the Device. Customer Service and notifications In the event of any doubt regarding the pricing, billing, quality or any other matter relating to the Service, or if you wish to make a claim, please contact the Customer Service as soon as you have knowledge of the event causing the claim. If you enter our website you can ask us for assistance, use our online helpdesk or send an email to: info@direct-telecom.es. You can also ask for assistance by calling 900347328 (from your Direct Telecom Mobile mobile phone) or 911118502 from any other phone; or by post sent to the following address: C/La Borda Nº1, Rosa de los Vientos Local Nº1, Adeje – 38670 – S/C de Tenerife. If you make a claim it shall be assigned a reference number that DT shall communicate to the User. If the claim is made by telephone, the User 2 of 2 may request a document proving the presentation and the content of same. This document shall be submitted within ten (10) days of your application. When the claim has been settled, DT shall inform the User of the solution adopted through the same means used to present the claim. Once the claim has been made, if the User has not obtained a satisfactory response from DT within one (1) month, he/she can go to the Consumer Arbitration Board or the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society in accordance with that stipulated in current regulations, without prejudice to the User’s right to legal recourse. There are official complaint forms available at C/La Borda Nº1, Rosa de los Vientos Local Nº1, Adeje – 38670 – S/C de Tenerife. Personal data protection APPLICABLE LEGISLATION DT complies with the current legislation in Spain and the European Union in the processing of its Users’ personal data, in particular with the Organic Law on Data Protection and its developing legislation. In order to do this, it takes the necessary technical and organisational measures to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of personal data provided, given the condition of technology, the nature of the data and the risks to which these are exposed. SECURITY DT has adopted the security measures corresponding to the levels required by the implementing regulation of the Organic Law 15/1999 on the protection of personal data (Royal Decree 1720/2007). Also, it seeks to install any other additional technical means and measures to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of the personal data provided, as well as to guarantee the secret of communication. In the registration process in the client area of our Website, the User must choose a password. As a User he/she is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of this password and all activities that occur in the session initiated with his/her Username and password. The User undertakes to notify DT immediately if there is an unauthorised use of his/her Username and password or any other breach of security DT shall not be liable for damages or losses that could arise due to non-compliance of this obligation on their part. DATA COLLECTION The submitted personal information shall be stored in a personal data file which is the responsibility of Dial Direct Telecom S.L. and is duly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Authority. The failure to notify, or the incomplete report of the personal data required to formalize the contracting of the Service shall lead to the impossibility of providing same and, hence, the resolution of the contractual relationship. DT shall use the personal data, as well as traffic data, understanding these to be those data processed in order to carry out a communication via a network of electronic communications or in order to calculate invoices, to provide the requested services (including call establishment and routing, billing, top up, debt claims, participation in promotions, etc.) and to send communications related to the provision, improvement and update of the services, only communicating data to third parties who are linked to the distribution channels of DT which collaborate in the contracting, providing and maintenance of the services contracted, when this communication is necessary for the development of the contractual relationship maintained with DT In compliance with the Law 25/2007, for the retention of data relating to electronic communications and public communications networks, all personal data (name, surname, nationality and identity document number) shall also be incorporated into the Book Record kept by DT, the content of which is available to authorised agents, on the terms set forth in the rule. These data shall be retained by DT for a minimum of 12 months from the date of communication. DT reserves the right to send the User, via text message or email, information regarding new rates and promotions that may be applicable to their Service, unless the User has indicated otherwise by marking the corresponding box. DT may also send you advertising about the services of other companies in the sectors of leisure, culture, insurance, financial services and home care, only if you expressly consent to it. Occasionally, in campaigns about which you shall always be informed in great detail, if you accept the dispatch of third-party advertising, in exchange you can obtain a series of additional advantages. DT informs you that you can consult your solvency in common files on solvency and credit a service provided under the current legislation. DT may, through automated scoring systems, verify the accuracy of the information supplied and obtain further information from the banks that the User has provided. By accepting these general conditions, you consent to the treatment and maintenance of financial solvency data for statistical purposes, and to evaluation of said solvency. You also accept by subscribing to DT services via direct debit from your bank account, that if you do not meet DT’s financial obligations on time, in accordance with that stipulated in the GTC, DT can communicate your personal details and data on outstanding debt to entities engaged in providing information services about financial solvency and credit, according to the current legislation. DT shall not provide your personal data to third parties, except when providing such information is for electronic communications service operators or value-added service providers and the data are necessary for their delivery, or when offering an additional advantage in relation to the provided services that you could benefit from, with the aforementioned transfer being required in order to carry it out To exercise your rights of access, rectification, opposition or cancellation, you can contact DT at, las C/La Borda Nº1, Rosa de los Vientos Local Nº1, Adeje – 38670 – S/C de Tenerife or send an email to info@direct-telecom.es. Likewise, you may revoke your consent to receiving Direct Telecom advertising or advertising for third parties by writing to the same address or e-mail indicated in the preceding paragraph, or calling our Customer Service number 900347328. Causes for suspension and termination DT may suspend the call service in the following cases: a) When the User has not met his/her payment obligations or has used up his/her credit, or has exceeded his/her credit limit. b) If the User provides DT with false personal data, whether deliberately incorrect, or if he/she uses a third party’s personal data. c) If the User makes unauthorized use of the Service according to these General Terms and Conditions. d) When the User has used a fraudulent means of payment or when according to DT’s judgment, there is a reasonable risk of fraud. Should any of the aforementioned occur, DT will contact the User prior to suspending the Service, so as to inform him/her about a failure to comply with the current General Terms and Conditions. During the 30 day period from the date of suspension of the Service, you may receive calls (except when you are outside the national territory or in the case of a collect call), SMS and MMS (“soft block”). After the 30 days have passed and no reason for the suspension has been provided, incoming calls, SMS and MMS (“hard block”) shall also be blocked. 90 days after the date of the suspension if no reason has been provided, DT shall block the SIM card, permanently losing the phone number, rendering the contract with DT definitively terminated. DT can unilaterally terminate the contract when it considers that the mobile phone Service is inactive. The Service shall be considered inactive when 4 consecutive months have passed without any use of services that can be invoiced. DT reserves the right to claim from the User the amount of the potential negative balance, plus the interests and costs arising from the claim. Up to the permanent block, it is still possible to pay outstanding bills, buy credit and make emergency calls to 112, as well as make calls to the Customer Service number 900347328. The agreement shall terminate, resulting in the subsequent definitive interruption of the Service, due to general causes permitted in law and in particular due to the following: a) Decision by the User. b) Grave breaches of the obligations stipulated in this contract, and by use of the Service contrary to good faith. c) Late payment of the Service for a period exceeding three (3) months or the temporary suspension on two occasions, of the contract due to late payment. d) Unauthorized use, illegal use or misuse of the Service. In exceptional circumstances in which it is necessary for technical operational or service reasons, or in the event that the service is definitively interrupted, he/she shall return the SIM card to DT if so requested. DT shall respond to SIM cards that are defective or unsuitable for use, on the terms stipulated in the law. DT reserves the right to suspend the Service at any time, as the result of the end of the service period, without the cardholder having any right to compensation. By applying the obligations imposed on DT as a telecommunications operator in accordance with Law 25/2007 of retention of data relating to electronic communications and public communications networks, DT reserves the right to cancel this present contract, to block the SIM card or to suspend the Service at any time if it is discovered that the personal identification information provided by Useris false, incorrect or incomplete. Right of withdrawal The user is acknowledged the right to desist the present contract within a period of 14 natural days to count from the moment of its execution. In the event of registration after porting from another operator, the right to withdraw will not suppose the automatic return to the original operator, being required for the user to start a new porting process back. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the user is required to notify the decision by an unambiguous declaration (i.e., a written letter sent either by regular mail or e-mail), adding the order number. On that purpose he/she will have the option to use the form available in www.direct-telecom.es/mobile, although the use of the referred form is not The original and authentic version of these general conditions is the Spanish version. In case of discrepancy with the present version, the Spanish version will prevail. 3 of 2 mandatory. The customer must e-mail the documents exercising the right of withdrawal to info@direct-telecom.es or to the following postal address: DT – C/La Borda Nº1, Rosa de los Vientos Local Nº1, Adeje – 38670 – S/C de Tenerife. DT will only accept back all the products showing no evidence of damage. The user will be responsible for the value decrease in the returned products, being this decrease consequence of a manipulation different to the required to set the nature, features and correct working of the products objects of returning. As a consequence of exercising the Right of withdrawal, the user will be required to send back or deliver the products (SIM Card and, where applicable, device or mobile terminal) to the address indicated above, without no wrongful delay and within a period no longer than 14 natural days to count from the date where the contract desisting communication is sent to DT. Moreover, he/she will need to pay for the direct expenses related to the return of the products delivered previously by DT. Once the product is received by DT, always with the original invoice and the contract attached, where applicable, and once checked the condition of the product itself, DT will proceed to the amount refund, trough the same channel used for the original payment. However, we can hold back the refund until properly receiving the returned products or until receiving unambiguous proof of the returning, either of which comes first. In the event of having performed the payment cash-on-delivery (COD), the user must provide the details of a bank account as well as the required authorization in the moment of exercising his/her right, in order to allow DT to refund the amount in the account. In the event of activating the service before the end of the period of 14 days and exercising the withdrawing right, DT would have the right to charge for the real consumption generated until that moment and proportionally the monthly fees and other expenses stated in the General & Particular conditions of each fare plan in which the user may have incurred. Modification of the GTC DT may make changes to the present GTC, as well as to the national rates at any time, notifying the User affected by the amendment with a minimum notice of one (1) month after coming into effect. If the user does not accept the new conditions and so informs DT, he/she may terminate the contract early and without any penalty. If after a period of one (1) month from DT’s notification, the User has not expressly made known his/her disagreement, or has continued to use the Service after the amendment announced has come into effect, it shall be deemed that he/she accepts the proposed changes. The user shall receive prior notification of the modification. Termination The contract between the User and DT is established indefinitely. DT is entitled to terminate the contract for the general reasons for terminating contracts and for the reasons mentioned in the GTC. The present contract shall be automatically terminated at the request of DT if its’s ability to provide the service is terminated, when this determines the impossibility of providing the service. For its part, the User has the right to terminate the contract at any time, by sending a message of termination with the format template that can be found on our website. The message needs to be accompanied by a copy of the client’s ID card or equivalent identification document, and sent by email or fax to the number indicated on our website, with at least two working days prior to the date on which the client wishes to terminate the service. Transfer of contract DT reserves the right to transfer the rights and / or obligations arising from the present GTC to a company belonging to the same business operator group or to a third electronic communications operator without requiring the express consent of the User, notifying him/her of this fact at least one (1) month in advance. Users who do not want to accept such a transfer may terminate the contract early and without penalty. Nullity The declaration of nullity, ineffectiveness or invalidity of any of these GTC shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions that shall remain valid and shall be binding on the parties. Applicable law and jurisdiction The law applicable to the relationship that binds the parties is Spanish and is subject to, excluding any other jurisdiction that may correspond to it, the jurisdiction of the Courts of S/C de Tenerife for the resolution of differences arising from the interpretation or application of these terms and conditions. In the event that the User has the status of consumer, the competent jurisdiction shall be that which determines the rules on consumer protection in each case info@direct-telecom.es