Trojan horse camouflaged as antivirus program.

Security experts are warning against a new dangerous Trojan Horse camouflaged as a antivirus program.

“Fakealert” is waiting on primed websites and gets access to the computer using “Drive-by Download”. The user will get a message that the “Security Tool” was installed succesfully. In addition the Trojan Horse creates Icons on the desktop, the start menu und the start panel.

Following Fakealert “warns” the user that the computer is infected by various types of Malware and suggests to buy the full version of the “Security Tool” to get rid of all threats.

After the so called virus scan the program asks the user to restart the PC. As soon as the PC is up and running again, desktop items are missing all of a sudden, applications the user tries to open close immediately. Firewall messages appear as soon as the user opens up a web browser.  Supplementary the Trojan Horse informs the user that the computer is infected by a worm called “Lsas. Blaster.Keylogger”.

There is no harm done to the computer, it is just annoying, but the virus is dangerous in a way. It collects private data stored on your PC and sends it to the developers of the virus.