dT One Bill Service Application

This form will allow us to process the dT OneBill Service for your landline. As from 24th of July 2017, it will no longer be possible to enjoy Low Cost Call services using the 1051 manual prefix, nor will CPS (Carrier Pre-Selection). This has been regulated by the Resolution of the CNMC (ANME/DTSA/364/15MERCADOS 1 Y 2-REC.2007 on the 17/01/17). If you do not switch your land line to dT OneBill, your calls will automatically be invoiced by Movistar and their call connection fees as well as International call rates will apply. In order to prevent this from happening, we have created this simple form that will allow us to switch your line rental from Movistar to Direct Telecom and you will rest assured that you will still have access to our Low Cost Call rates 😉
  • If you can, please provide your customer reference number so we can easily locate you in our platform.
  • Please confirm your name.
  • Please confirm your Surname.
  • Please confirm your Land Line number (9 digits) on which we will process dT OneBill.
  • Please provide your Passport Nº.
  • Please provide your NIE/NIF or CIF Nº.
    It is important for us to know this so that we can process your application and not have it rejected by Movistar for using incorrect information. Please check your Movistar invoice and indicate accordingly.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, doc, docx.
    If possible, it would be extremely helpful if you could upload a copy or good quality foto of a recent Movistar invoice. We would also very much appreciate a copy of your Passport/NIE Residencia which will help us process the application with Movistar.
    Please confirm you would like Direct Telecom to process the dT One Bill Line Rental service on the Land Line that you have specified above. By doing so, Direct Telecom will invoice you for your Line Rental instead of Movistar and you will retain the ability to access Low Cost Call rates through Direct Telecom.
    This process has a one time non-refundable setup fee of 10€ to process the application. Please confirm it is OK with you for us to apply this charge on your next Direct Telecom invoice.
    Contracting dT OneBill authorises DDT (Dial Direct Telecom S.L) to take over your line rental from Telefonica (Movistar). DDT will bill you for your line rental once the service has been transferred. In most cases, this will actually even remove additional & unnecessary charges that Movistar applied on your line. OneBill contracts DDT Voice line (includes all calls, land line maintenance and additional services associated to it. By contracting this service, you hereby authorise DDT to pass on your details to our Providers as well as Telefónica de España S.A.U (Movistar) that is necessary to correctly process and provide the above mentioned service.
  • I hereby confirm that I am the legal decision maker for the above mentioned Telephone Line and authorise Dial Direct Telecom S.L. to act on my behalf to process the dT One Bill service. Please confirm you agree to our Terms, Conditions and our Privacy Policy (https://direct-telecom.es/privacy/).