The last few months have taken Telefonica down a peg or two. This march Telefonica could only achieve 32% of new ADSL applications, far away from the 70 % they achieved the last year. On their part, the alternative providers – such as Direct Telecom – achieved 57.3% of the new applications, whereas 10.47 % are done with cable providers.

The results of the month march are slightly better for the ex monopolist, in january they only accomplished 28%. Amongst the companies growing at the fastest pace is Jazztell – Service Partner of Direct Telecom.

There have been 90.000 new applications in March, the number of ADSL subscribers in Spain has climbed up to over 10 million (10.029.376). This represents an anual increase of 8.4%.

Those numbers come together with an absolute record of migrations from one provider to another. In the first quarter of 2010 170.000 ADSL connections have been migrated, plus 440.000 telephone lines. This high number shows that people finally have the opportunity to move away from Telefonica.

Should you want to migrate from your existing provider, Direct Telecom will help you during the whole process. Contact us under or 902 107 111.