Direct Telecom finally launches the Online Shop full of award winning Home & Office ADSL products & accessories.

It is no secret that the AVM equipment included with Direct Telecom’s ADSL packages beat the competition hands down for the quality, innovation and functionality that is consistently delivered.  For the past years, Direct Telecom has played a key role with the continuous R&D that has contributed to AVM’s ability to perfect the device performance in Spain.  For years, only Direct Telecom ADSL customers have had the opportunity to enjoy the amazing features of the Fritz!Box.  Now, the Direct Telecom Online Shop makes the award winning Fritz!Box and all the accessories available to everyone.

In many EU countries, the Fritz!Box is considered to be the ultimate ADSL /Internet gadget.  The customers who own one cant wait for the next model to come out or is constantly on the lookout to see what new features the latest Firmware will have.

In Spain, ADSL carriers typically provide the cheapest ADSL modems in the market.  This is also why they are able to offer the Modem/ Router for free in their marketing campaigns.  Direct Telecom however refused to follow the rest and decided to stand out by including the Fritz!box with the ADSL service.  You will only know how much more you can do with your ADSL line when you own a Fritz!Box and is one of the reasons why Direct Telecom’s ADSL service has been such a success.

There are so many features and possibilities with the Fritz!Box range that it is impossible to list everything in this post.
In order to have an idea, using a Fritz!Box with your basic ADSL line is like converting a pair of scissors into the most functional multipurpose Swiss army knife!  Or if you prefer, it is like converting your water tap into a fully operational Spa! The possibilities for Home & Business users are endless.

One of the greatest features of the Fritz!Box Fon is that you automatically have the possibility to make at least 3 simultaneous calls (even though you have just one line) because the VoIP technology is integrated.  Most importantly, it is not even necessary to turn on a PC or use a microphone & headset….simply connect an ordinary Telephone to the Fritz!Box and dial away.
Getting a VoIP account set up in the Fritz!Box is easy and Direct Telecom can help you get your account connected in minutes.

We would like to invite you to check out all the latest ADSL products & accessories now available right here;