With the rise in remote work and an increasing number of smart devices, Wi-Fi connectivity has become a necessity for both residential and commercial applications. Ensuring stable and high-speed Wi-Fi outdoors can be quite challenging, especially when dealing with varying weather conditions. Enter the Outdoor WiFi6 Kit Omni-directional Access Point – the perfect complement to your Fibre Optics connection for extending your Wi-Fi network outdoors. This article will explore how this device and Direct Telecom’s exclusive kit will take your outdoor Wi-Fi experience to another level.

Outdoor WiFi6 Kit: A Powerful & Robust Outdoor Access Point capable of withstanding sun, wind, rain and everything in-between.

Outdoor WiFi6 Kit includes an innovative and powerful outdoor UFO omni-directional access point, designed to deliver Wi-Fi 6 capabilities in a rugged and weather-resistant form factor. It is ideal for various outdoor scenarios, such as residential yards, patios, fincas and even commercial spaces like cafes and restaurants.

Key Features:

  1. Weather Resistance: The Outdoor UFO WiFi6 Antenna is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, thanks to its IP68 rating. This means it is protected against water ingress (even when submerged) and is resistant to dust, wind, and other environmental factors. You can rest assured that your Wi-Fi connectivity won’t be compromised, no matter the weather.
  2. Wi-Fi 6 Technology: The Outdoor UFO WiFi6 Antenna takes advantage of the latest Wi-Fi 6 (AX1800) technology, providing increased speed (up to 1.7Gbps) capacity, and efficiency compared to previous generations. This enables you to enjoy smoother streaming, faster downloads, and seamless video conferencing even when multiple devices are connected.
  3. Omni-directional Coverage: This access point offers 360-degree coverage, ensuring that your Wi-Fi signal reaches every corner of your outdoor space. With its high-gain antennas, the The Outdoor UFO WiFi6 Antenna can cover large areas without compromising on signal quality.

Direct Telecom’s Exclusive Kit

To make your outdoor Wi-Fi extension even easier, Direct Telecom is offering an exclusive kit that includes everything you need to set up the The Outdoor UFO WiFi6 Antenna AX1800 Outdoor Access Point. For just 299,99€ + tax, the kit includes:

  1. The Outdoor UFO WiFi6 Antenna
  2. A compatible PoE (Power over Ethernet) injector, which simplifies the installation process by providing power and data through a single Ethernet cable.
  3. Direct Telecom can pre-configure your Antenna with your desired SSID + Password for WiFi access.
  4. Free postage and packaging within Spain, ensuring that you can start enjoying your outdoor Wi-Fi extension without any hassle.


In summary, the The Outdoor UFO WiFi6 Antenna + POE Kit is the ultimate solution for creating a powerful outdoor Wi-Fi extension. Its weather resistance, advanced Wi-Fi 6 technology, and omni-directional coverage ensure a stable and high-speed connection in any outdoor environment. If you wish to add a powerful WiFi extension for your outdoor Wi-Fi experience, then the The Outdoor UFO WiFi6 Antenna Kit will do the trick! Contact us at for more information.