Digital Nomads (or Remote Workers) is a term used to describe people who are able to work remotely while travelling around the world at the same time.

It is no surprise that Spain has become an increasingly popular destination and especially the Canary Islands.  At Direct Telecom, we have seen a massive surge in requests for Internet Connections that would make sense if you need High Speed connectivity while travelling within Spain so we have become “experts” designing packages to match their needs.  We are honoured to have provided fast Internet Access to Digital Nomads with a variety of different professions.  Teachers, web designers, freelancers, copywriters, software developers, web designers, accountants and even video editors doing work on the latest Marvel movies!

Many Digital Nomads sometimes have specific technical requirements which are essential in order to be able to carry out their work as expected.  At Direct Telecom, we believe we have the technical knowledge and expertise to be able to understand, assist and provide the necessities of Digital Nomads so that they can not only enjoy from the kind of Internet Connection they require, but so that they also feel they have someone to support them while travelling and working throughout Spain.

Many “Co-working” and “Co-living” spaces have also contracted best in class 1GB/1GB Fibre Optics connections from Direct Telecom because we are able to configure and assist the venues so that the technical requirements match the needs of the users.  Oftentimes, co-working spaces are set up with simple WiFi Access Points or stations are networked with LAN cables but not much attention has been given to the security of the network.  For many Digital Nomads, this is an absolute necessity and it is hard to know if it is “safe” to use the network that is being provided.  This is why at Direct Telecom, we provide assistance and expertise to help Co-Working & Co-living spaces provide the best quality Internet Connectivity in the safest way possible.

The most popular package for Digital Nomads on the move:
dT 4G LTE Home Broadband
– No SIM card required (as it has an eSIM which we configure remotely)
– Fully portable, simply connect to power supply and you are ready to go.
– Option 1 – Up to 200GB of Data included for 39,99€/month (you can add 100GB extra if required for 14,99€)+tax
– Option 2 – Up to 300GB of Data included/month for 49,99€+tax.
– Multilingual Customer Support & Service
– WiFi Router with 3 LAN ports
– We are able to take payments via credit/debit cards and even EU Bank accounts.
– Sign up HERE

4G LTE Router for Digital Nomads in Spain

This is a Portable 4G LTE Router which connects to the Mobile towers throughout Spain on the 4G network where available.  If not it will connect to 3G.  The attainable speeds could go up to anywhere from 10Mbps to 70 or even 100Mbps if the connectivity is good, but this depends entirely on the area.

One of the main advantages is that we can remotely get the Router to “switch” to a different mobile tower if the connection is poor.  As Direct Telecom is working with the TOP 3 Mobile carriers in Spain, we are able to provide the best possible connection in almost any part of the country.  So this solution is ideal if you are planning to move around a lot, jumping from one place to another on a weekly or monthly basis as you always have your 4G LTE Router with you!

The most popular package for Co-Working & Co-Living spaces in Spain:

dT Fibre PRO 1GB/1GB with Fixed IP address for 89,99€/month + tax
– UNLIMITED Broadband usage
– Fixed IP address included
– Multilingual Customer Support & Service
– FTTH using the best “business class” Fibre Carrier in Spain
– WiFi Router with 4 LAN ports
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IF required, we are also able to install Guaranteed Fibres as well as Dedicated Fibre Circuits.  In which case we would require the full address to check for coverage and viability.  More info available here.