• dT 4G Internet
    24,99 (26,74€ IGIC / 30,24€ IVA)
    • 3G / 4G Internet
    • 10GB per month (other packages available up to 120GB)
    • 4G Router, USB stick or Mifi box available from 39,99€ (IGIC 42,79€ / IVA 48,39€)
    • Ability to hibernate when you're away for only 4,99€ per month (5,34€ IGIC / 6,04€ IVA)
    • Additional Bono GB's available if you run out from 2,99€ (3,20€ IGIC / 3,62 IVA)
    • 4G SIM card 10.00€ (10.70€ IGIC / 12.10€ IVA) Pre-cut to standard, micro and nano sizes
    39,99 (42,79€ IGIC / 48,39€ IVA)
    • Up to 10 Mbit ADSL connection speed!
    • UNLIMITED Bandwidth usage
    • FREE access to Live UKTV with dT Media TV
    • No physical landline required
    •  Wifi Router provided
    • Hibernation fee just 15€/month (16,05€ IGIC/18,15€ IVA) while you are away
    • Set up Fee & Installation special HALF PRICE promotion 99,50€ (106,47€ IGIC/120,40€) including 15 metres of cabling.
  • dT ADSL
    49,95 (53,45€ IGIC / 60,44€ IVA)
    • Up to 20 Mbit/s ADSL connection speed!
    • FREE access to Live UKTV with dT Media TV
    • FREE configured WiFi Modem/Router!
    • 120 Minutes to EU landlines per month
    • Line Rental Included
    • UNLIMITED Bandwidth Usage
    • Set up fee 49,95€ (IGIC 53.45€ / IVA 60,44€)

  • I had the internet and internet tv off your company a few weeks ago and we are very pleased with the service you supplied and would like to say thank you.
    I have now recommend your company to 3 friends of mine,they will be contacting you or might have already contacted your company
    hope you can help them as you did for me.

    my husband installs satellites and has seen other systems on his travels and they do not meet your tv quality and they are always buffering,he is asked about internet tv and I know he will be recommending yours.
    we have just spoke to of the people and they have already signed up to your internet.
    thank you for your service
    thank you Joanne

  • I have been with this company now for many years. They have always responded quickly to my telephone calls and emails and have always resolved any problem or query I have had. I am so pleased they have all these helpful and polite people on their staff. Well done all.

  • I am not the most literate person in relation to computers. So when I read that DT were introducing a new service where you could watch TV programs on your computer or TV I decided to try it out. At first I had a problem getting connected, so contacted DT technical dept. A gentleman called Miguel contacted me and gave me first class advice on how to gain access in language I could understand (no computer jargon). By following what he told me I was "up and running" in no time and received a very clear picture way beyond my expectations. I now cannot wait for the launch of the STB (Set Top Box) please note, I can even use the jargon now.
    I am of the opinion that by taking time and ensuring that they are providing a top class product and service DT are again on a winner and will continue to attract customers old and new to join and enjoy their service.