29.90 (36,18€ IVA / 31,99€ IGIC)
    • Up to 3 Mbit/s ADSL connection speed!
    • FREE access to Live UKTV with dT Media TV
    • Configured WiFi Modem/Router for only 35€ + Tax.
    39.95 (48,34€ IVA / 42,75€ IGIC)
    • Up to 3 Mbit/s ADSL connection speed!
    • FREE access to Live UKTV with dT Media TV
    • Configured WiFi Modem/Router for only 35€ + Tax.
    • Line Rental included
    • 120 National & European Land Line calls included
    39.50 (47,80€ IVA / 42,27€ IGIC)
    • Up to 8 Mbit/s ADSL connection speed!
    • FREE access to Live UKTV with dT Media TV
    • FREE configured WiFi Modem/Router!
    • 300 minutes per month: International calls!
    • Unlimited National calls!
    • Save over 37,70€/month  (45,62€ IVA / 40,34€ IGIC)

Top Quality equipment for best performance

We have consciously chosen to provide our customers with industry leading equipment which not only allows us to improve the performance of the Internet Broadband connection in Spain, but also offer features that simply make life so much easier.

The Modem/Router now included by default is the Fritz!Box 7360. An Award Winning Router, ideal for newcomers to home networking and will connect your devices to each other as well as to the Internet. Lightning-fast speeds thanks to ADSL2+.
High-speed WLAN for wireless surfing, 4 LAN Ports, an integrated media server, a phone system with base station for cordless telephony, and a whole range of convenient features make the FRITZ!Box 7360 – the ultimate communications nerve center.

The unique eco-system & perfect harmony between our services, network and equipment allow us to prioritise services such as IPTV, VoIP Telephony and offer Remote Technical Support & system updates.  The Router is perfect for novices & experts alike.

It makes ADSL connectivity as simple as it needs to be with all the functionality you could dream of.

ADSL Broadband – Smarter than ever!

We are committed to deliver the fastest & most reliable connectivity that is technically possible on your line.  We do not offer you faster speeds because we don’t want to, but simply because your line may not handle it.  The limitations are set by the physical characteristics of your copper wire such as distance from the exchange and the quality of the cable itself.  The good news is however that as a Direct Telecom ADSL customer, your ADSL connection is centrally managed by our systems where we optimise and assign data traffic priorities to the services that matter the most to you.  Our Smart Traffic Optimisation systems can therefore prioritise Bandwidth for better UK TV (IPTV via dT Media TV) performance or VoIP and this is achieved through our network configuration as well as bespoke settings in our Customer Router.

Your dT ADSL is personalised for your specific needs!


Direct Telecom has agreements and service contracts with all the major Carriers in the country so our coverage is nation wide. As our products & services are specifically designed to offer money saving solutions to UK Expats & European Residents in Spain, the concentration & growth of our Customer base is noticeably higher in Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Baleares & the Canary Islands. Since the year 2000, Direct Telecom has gained immeasurable amounts of experience in the industry which has placed us in an extremely advantageous position as we know how things work in Spain.

Research & Development Lab.  We innovate.

Unlike most other “Telecommunications Providers” in Spain who are Official Distributors or Resellers of products & services designed by larger companies, Direct Telecom has become a leader in innovation with our in-house Research & Development Department created in 2011.  We always knew that we wanted something more and especially something different for our customers.  Anyone can resell a service created by another and success largely depends on the capacity of the sales force.  Reselling is a short term business model as customers end up switching due to the inability of the reseller to provide adequate support for a service they did not design.  Customers deserve better and we wanted to be different so we started developing our own services.

If we want to satisfy our customers, we must be able to provide products & services that we have designed ourselves because this is the only way we can provide the level of support that is expected.  Customer collaboration & feedback is constant and our ability to respond to issues is almost instant.   Customer suggestions keep on adding challenging tasks to our “to do” list and we work hard to release feature upgrades.  Since 2011, Direct Telecom started developing innovative services that have taken the industry by surprise.  Today, many of the products & services we offer are the result of a close collaboration between our customers and our development team and now the “large” companies are contacting us to develop similar services for them.

  • I had the internet and internet tv off your company a few weeks ago and we are very pleased with the service you supplied and would like to say thank you.
    I have now recommend your company to 3 friends of mine,they will be contacting you or might have already contacted your company
    hope you can help them as you did for me.

    my husband installs satellites and has seen other systems on his travels and they do not meet your tv quality and they are always buffering,he is asked about internet tv and I know he will be recommending yours.
    we have just spoke to of the people and they have already signed up to your internet.
    thank you for your service
    thank you Joanne

  • I have been with this company now for many years. They have always responded quickly to my telephone calls and emails and have always resolved any problem or query I have had. I am so pleased they have all these helpful and polite people on their staff. Well done all.

  • I am not the most literate person in relation to computers. So when I read that DT were introducing a new service where you could watch TV programs on your computer or TV I decided to try it out. At first I had a problem getting connected, so contacted DT technical dept. A gentleman called Miguel contacted me and gave me first class advice on how to gain access in language I could understand (no computer jargon). By following what he told me I was "up and running" in no time and received a very clear picture way beyond my expectations. I now cannot wait for the launch of the STB (Set Top Box) please note, I can even use the jargon now.
    I am of the opinion that by taking time and ensuring that they are providing a top class product and service DT are again on a winner and will continue to attract customers old and new to join and enjoy their service.